Birthday Gift for 2 year old girl


I'm looking for something with a Catholic theme that can be appreciated by both the girl and her mother. The child has red/auburn hair, so if you suggest a certain piece of clothing, please take this into consideration.


Nun Doll. Nurture that vocational desire early! :D

Honestly for a two year old you are probably better off asking the mother.


The young girl never had the "nun doll vocational desire" ever. ;)

I would say a rosary bracelet. :D With a whole lota love behind it. :thumbsup:



a go-to-church bag with books, child rosary, soft toy (please no cheerios)
girls this age love to carry bags and purses


I like a lot of the gifts from Catholic Child. This would be a good gift:


It’s not cathoic but as a child I LOOOVED Wee Sing Bible tunes. The Catholic Homeschoolers I tutor had them out the other day and we all sung them together…TIMELESS!

Also, again, not Catholic, but veggie tales are excellent.


Great suggestion - I learned the books of the Bible from that Wee Sing tape! Had it for my sons and they loved them all!


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