Birthday gift for my sister


This year I want to get my sister something meaningful instead of just buying her clothes or jewelry again. She has shown an interest in attending mass so I was hoping to buy her something that would introduce her more to the faith. At first I was thinking of buying her a rosary and a booklet on how to pray it but I don’t know if that’s too overwhelming for someone to start with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I think she’s searching for something but needs a push in the right direction and I’m hoping I (or my gift) could be that push.


A rosary and prayer guide for the rosary and divine mercy are nice and fairly affordable. I think because you are family a gold or white gold charm for a necklace of the holy family would be great symbolism. Or a metal chain and some favorite saint medals are a nice gesture. Like St. Mary St. Monica, or St. Rita for mothers or wives. Saint Jude for Hope. Saint Anthony to find faith again. And so on.

Ask how she would feel volunteering with you once a month for a soup kitchen or daycare, or non profit. Whatever you think she needs for a revival.


We live in different cities so we can’t volunteer together but when I go home in a few weeks I’m going to take her to mass with me. She is not Catholic but after seeing what a change Jesus has made in my life, I would love to share that with her. I don’t want to come on too strong and push her away but I would like to do what I can to try and introduce that into her life and the rest of my family, if possible. I guess I will pray for a gift that will touch her. Maybe I can find a saint, like you said, which she can relate to. :thumbsup:


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