Birthday gift I bought for my wife - what do you think?


I don’t know if this is the right forum, but I wanted to share with you the gift I bought to my wife for her birthday. It’s a sterling silver rosary with crystal beads in a variety of colors - beautiful! :thumbsup:
You can see it here.

I think it’s beautiful and it arrived from the holy land. I haven’t gave it to her yet…

Please share with me your opinions/thoughts.

Thanks & god bless, John



I love it. It is made with fine crystal and the multicolored beads stand out. I haven’t seen a rosary like it before but I am familiar with the beads. I love swaroski crystals and they are perfect for their intention here. I know your wife will love you for it!

Now, I am interested in this rosary and really appreciate you sharing!

Best of Blessings,
Sheila ♫♪

{BTW, I make jewelry} :wink:


I think it’s beautiful. I’d love it if my husband gave me something like that. We gave our daughter an all pink Swarovski rosary for her first communion and she LOVES it. Her beads are a bit smaller than the ones on the one you brought for your wife.


Wow - Awesome gift! Good job!


Thank you all for your comments!

I gave it to her today & she loved it! :slight_smile: She said it is an amazing gift, she always loved to receive rosaries.

I highly recommend.:thumbsup:

Thanks and god bless,


Very Nice! Beautiful, she will love it~!

I just purchased my first rosary today, I am saving up for a D&G rosary in the future


Be careful. Sometimes rosaries are used as fashion statements. I know Madonna did that. Make sure you use your rosary for prayer.



Yep I sure do, But I want it to identify me as a catholic as well whe I am walking among protestant friends


Very beautiful and I would be happy to recieve one.


That was a beautiful choice you made to honor her with!

My husband surprised me with a unique, and lovely rosary for my last birthday.
It touched my heart deeply that he did this for me.

Then I misplaced it somewhere a few weeks ago and hope it turns up soon!:o


We know our loved ones best - and what they would love to receive based on their taste and Faith - not to mention sometimes having difficulty finding just the right gift. Before even viewing your link, I will say WONDERFUL - particularly, since the Rosary is unique by reason of its coming from the Holy Land.
God and Our Lady bless you ! And happy birthday to your wife !


Try a scapular, holy medal, or crucifix.



Nice gift! :thumbsup:


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