Birthday gifts for Dad's 70th?

I hope it is ok I ask such a simple question here but I am hoping maybe some of the dads on the site can give us some insights.

My father is turning 70 next month and while my brothers and I want to do something special for his birthday we are a little stuck. He loves to read and listen to music but he uses the library and sat radio. He doesn’t really like traveling and my mother, his favorite traveling companion, has passed away a few years ago.

I’ve thought of trying to put together a memory book of stories and things like that but my brother’s aren’t wild about such a “girly” idea.

So from the dads…any ideas?

I am a 19 year old girl, so I am the exact opposite of who should probably answer this question, but you could see if your library checks out ebooks (epub) and get him a nook or something like that so renting and buying books would be much more simple. What about a shadow box with some of your mom’s possessions in it or things that are important to him (it could be seen as more “manly” because it wouldn’t give off the scrapbooking feel that always seems to detour guys for some reason?

I went to a 75th birthday party earlier this year, and everyone gave him 75 of something. His daughter gave him 75 worms for his garden, his son gave him 75 beers. Someone gave him 75 dimes for when he goes to play the slots. One of the grandkids gave him 75 Hersheys’ kisses, another one gave him 75 Jelly Bellys. It was fun to see what everyone came up with.

Also, several of the family had done a video where they were “interviewed” sharing a fun/special memory. We watched the video at the party. If your brothers think a memory book is too girly, how about a video?

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