Birthday Mass Cards?


Hi, I hope you guys can help me!

My Grandma’s 92nd birthday is coming up (ooh, or maybe it’s 93!), and I don’t know what to get her - I live in a different state and don’t have easy access to a post office, so it’s hard to ship things. Usually I send a card with some money but I’m sick of doing that because it seems so impersonal. Plus, she’s kind of at that stage where she doesn’t need more ‘things’ (although I’m sure the money could be useful for food, medicine, bills, etc).

She’s devoutly Catholic, especially with a devotion to the Virgin Mary, so I thought I’d get her one of those lovely cards I always enjoy getting, where it tells you that a Mass is being said for you, and maybe has some nice artwork in it (since she loves displaying religious art and pictures). Maybe I’d also put a little bit of money in there too.

I was doing some google seraching, and checked out aquinasandmore, but it seems most of them are either for the repose of souls (she’s not dead yet!) or Christmas. I found a few good candidates but I was wondering if you had any suggestions, and from a reputable source.



How about going to your parish and asking for a Mass to be said for her? You could get a nice card and let her know of your intention.
By the way, I think that’s a great gift idea!


The OMIpriests and brothers hve WONDERFUL Mass cards, even online tributes.


The Marians of the Immaculate Conception have some really nice cards & folders, which are sent to you free of charge. You can send a donation to them once you use the card or folder:

Here’s a really nice one of Mary:

More here:

The Marians also operate the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy:



Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll check out these sites :slight_smile:


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