Birthday Shopping on a Sunday


My 23rd birthday is tomorrow, and I haven’t asked for anything. My mom offered to go shopping for anything I might want, but I told her that I don’t want to make other people work on a Sunday. Would doing so be wrong?


This is a good question. I have wondered whether or not shopping on a Sunday is wrong myself.


No problem since the commandment for doing no work is in regard to the seventh day of the week and not the first day of the week.


The Chrisitan day of rest is the Lord’s Day, which is Sunday. See the third commandment, you can google the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


My birthday was a sunday this year and usually i would have done my shopping spree but i did it a few days early cause i wanted to go to hobby lobby…but i have shopped on sunday for groceries…


Th short answer is no. Shopping for a gift on Sunday is not a sin as a gift is an act of love. Eating in a restaurant is also acceptable. Sunday should not be our regular shopping day. We should we not urge businesses to open on Sunday if they prefer not to, but it is not inherently sinful to make a purchase if they are open,

Read the Catechism on Sunday:


I think you are right. Besides, you are old enough that your Mom should not feel a present is necessary. Just tell her a good dinner would be appreciated.

Did you know that 60 years ago most stores were not open on Sunday?



I really try to avoid shopping on Sunday in general just to send the message to the market that it’s a day of rest.


A noble idea and legitimate opinion, but hardly a scriptural, doctrinal, or dogmatic mandate.


The workers are going to have to be there regardless if you go there or not so I don’t see a big problem with shopping on Sunday. However, if it bothers you why don’t you suggest going with your mom another day?


THIS^^^. Why would you think it’s a sin? :confused:


Is watching a football game on a Sunday a sin? I mean making those people work. Plus all the people at the power and water company. You cannot live life without making other people work on a Sunday…


I agree. Sunday was made for man, not man was made for Sunday. People still have to or maybe even prefer to work on Sunday. With this economy, some people have to. I do notice that a lot of mom and pop stores do close though.

I myself try not to do all my shopping on Sunday though, but usually need to pick up a few things after Mass.

Yes, I remember the blue laws and stores closed when I was a child. I also remember how inconvenient that was if you ran out of milk and would have to drive miles and go to a different county to pick it up.

If you really feel uncomfortable with shopping on Sunday, don’t do it, but again people still will be working anyway.


re: “The Chrisitan day of rest is the Lord’s Day, which is Sunday.”

If by Sunday you mean the first day of the week, there is no scripture that says that it is to be a day of rest. Nor is the first day of the week ever referred to in scripture as the Lord’s Day.


Only if your mother thought it was going to be a lot of work and not a lot of love. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though, I find that shopping for something on your birthday is actually pretty fun. I’ve done it on plenty of occasions (and at the same time, proven the contrast between how guys shops versus your typicah shopaholic gal).


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