Bishop Alexander Salazar


How do I contact him?


Don’t make me turn this into another ‘Do Not Bump This Thread’ :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, I need to know how to contact the good bishop. Dose he have an e-mail or a postal address?

I need to contact him because I think I need his approval of the Legion of Peace. He’s my local bishop, and I want to honor him and Mother Church, as the fourth commandment says “Honor thy father and thy mother.” I don’t want to disobey the Church. I do have my spiritual director’s approval of the Legion, but I think I also need my local bishop’s approval as well.


He’s one of the auxiliary bishops of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Archdiocese of Los Angeles
3424 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010-2202
(213) 637-7000


Ah, thank you :slight_smile:


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