Bishop announces investigation of Father Pavone

Bishop Patrick Zurek of Amarillo, Texas, has announce an investigation into the incident in which Father Frank Pavone posted a video in which he displayed the body of an unborn child on an altar while making a plea for support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Here is an official statement from the Archdiocese of New York:

I agree with Ed Mechmann.
Fr. Pavone crossed a line and he needs to repent and accept the consequences of his deplorable actions. Nothing can justify this.

I agree what father did was wrong/misguided, and I’m glad the bishop is investigating it, I don’t want him to be hit with the book though, because he was trying to do the right thing, just not in the right way.

e.g. If one wanted to show the horrors of what Nazi Germany did, they would take pictures of the dead bodies behind the prison fences of Auschwitz prison camp, but they wouldn’t take one of those dead bodies, place them in a church, let alone on the altar, and then take the picture with the priest in the background.

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I’m so very glad Bishop Zurek stood up to the plate on this one. Sometimes people need to be reined in when their actions go too far of course.

I would not call that an official statement from the Archdiocese of NY. That person is a staff member of the Archdiocese, but his columns appear to reflect his own opinions. Those opinions are likely not inconsistent with the Archdiocese position, but are not an official statement. If there was one, it would come from the Cardinal, chancellor, or perhaps someone from the office of liturgy, not from this person’s office. Since his bishop is in Texas, not NY, it is unlikely the NY Archdiocese has any official position, unless something is known to happen in a NY church.

Anyone praying over this? Remember that he was also with Terri Schiavo as she was ordered to die. It takes a toll.

Prayers ascending.

father pavone did nothing wrong

wake up & smell the coffee

abortion is an horrendous sin and must be stopped

if what father pavone did draws attention to the issue, all the better for the pro life cause

On Facebook, I was appalled by the bullying of Fr. Pavone by so called orthodox Catholics, including Catholic ‘bloggers and personalities’. It’s as if suddenly they became liturgical rigorists, when they normally they don’t raise a ruckus over other abuses. :rolleyes:

Amen. We used to be a Church made up of saints courageous enough to give their lives as a radical witness. We celebrate those saints now, because they’re tucked safely in our prayers, and we don’t have to go to the trouble of encountering them face to face. Now we are a Church of feckless, inept whiners who stand up for nothing except for keeping the machine going. Sad.

But there is good attention, and there is bad attention. Good attention would have been filming a proper and very respectful and mournful funeral for this child, and then giving the homily I believe.

Like I said, If one wanted to show the horrors of what Nazi Germany did, they would take pictures of the dead bodies behind the prison fences of Auschwitz prison camp, but they wouldn’t take one of those dead bodies, place them in a Church, let alone on the Altar, and then take the picture with the priest in the background.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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I hope this has helped

not really

milquetoast approaches have gained us little or no ground in the pro life cause

father pavone is a pro life warrior

were i you i wouldn’t question his tactics

I see the USA election results as having gained massive ground for pro-life. I’m certain Trump and others were not swayed by such a video. Personally I found it very concerning to say the least, the dead child was treated like a prop in a science class I believe, and let alone on the Alter.

He was trying to do the right thing, but it was in the way wrong way.

I hope this has helped

God Bless

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I am very glad Father Pavone called attention to the tragedy of abortion. I know many people some good Catholics, some devout Catholics who just don’t get it. They think there are other issues more important than pro-life to vote for.

Often these babies become a statistic because more than 58,000,000 (million) have been slaughtered so far. His actions makes it real. He gave the baby a proper funeral and burial. Planned Parenthood would have chosen to place him in a dumpster or sell his parts.

I pray his actions have brought a change of heart in those who favor, support and promote abortion. Now they can see more than just a “clump of cells”. Now they can see a fully formed unborn human baby.

Let us pray for Father Pavone.

As a matter of fairness and justice, everyone should withhold judgment before all the facts and findings are out from the investigation, which has just started.

If you want to win the moderates over to your side don’t do crazy stuff. A fencer would be pushed to the pro choice side by this and that’s what matters.

Theoretically, the abort child’s remains are the first class relics of a saint since there is a well-founded hope that the child, even if not baptized, is now in heaven. It is not uncommon to find the first class relics of a saint in the altar of a Catholic Church or on display above or below the altar of a Catholic Church.

It’s really not clear what a Trump administration is going to do for the cause of right-to-life. I’m glad he was elected, although I am nervous about how he will govern.

But, there’s another tactic that Priests For Life should undertake. Since the government guarantees the freedom to bear arms, like in recent decades it has defined a right of a woman to have an abortion, and that at government expense, PFL should demand equal protection under the Second Amendment.

Yes, if we have a right to bear arms. then the government should be forced to pay for me to walk into a gun store, any time I want, and obtain a gun “on demand.” And, for the ammunition, too, of course. If the government is going to support the one “right,” it should support the other as well.

It has already been established that the government will pay for an attorney to represent you in court to protect your legal rights.

Having a gun isn’t even immoral, by any standards I’ve heard in the Catholic Church. So, the Catholic Church should lead the charge to have the government pay for guns, too.

If, on the other hand, the government is unwilling to do that, then why do they pay for abortions? The shallowness of that argument shows the government has no duty to pay for abortion or guns, for that matter.

I have appreciated his ministry over the years, and heard him in person. I can appreciate the frustration expressed by some posters, since Fr. Pavone was solidly prolife when so many priests, including my former pastor, waffled or minimized this issue.

The problem is that sometimes a (good) messenger becomes much more prominent than his message. This is why priests are usually rotated to different ministries from time to time so they don’t lose their perspective. All priests need a close relationship with their bishop, so their ministry does not go off on a tangent. I don’t know the details, but my understanding is that Fr. Pavone has had a problematic relationship with the bishops of his “home” diocese of NY, and his “adopted” diocese in Texas.

The Church’s enemies follow a strategy of “divide and conquer”. They want all Catholics to be suspicious of bishops, and ready to rush to support any priest who is independent. But in the long run, the Church’s credibility preaching prolife or anything else is undermined.

This situation needs lots of prayer.

Any display of, or devotion to relics, is in obedience with the local bishop, for the purpose the viewers devotion to God. Any other use of relics, or the altar, for political or similar purposes is improper.

One kind of liturgical abuse leads to acceptance of other kinds of liturgical abuses.

(I voted for Trump, I have been in the prolife movement for decades, and formerly supported Fr. Pavone.)

Theoretically, no. This baby has not been canonized a saint. And relics are treated with respect. This baby was battered, bruised and naked. Recently the heart of Saint Padre Pio was displayed. Here is a link to an image.

What would have been reverent to this baby because he is a victim and was alive would have been to be cleaned, dressed in a garment, and placed in a coffin. He should have been given a name, and a funeral mass should have been said. Those would have been works of mercy to this baby, and given him dignity as a human being.

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