Bishop Athanasius Schneider discusses liturgy, priesthood, doctrinal confusion, etc



I’d love to meet him in person…


Thank you for sharing this article. Really love Bishop Schneider and his fidelity to the Faith. I might also be biased, as I’m connected to Opus Angelorum, the movement under the care of his order, the ORC.


Father Wolfgang Seitz, ORC, is leading our parish mission next month. I’m looking forward to attending :+1:


I have a signed copy of his book Dominus Est. This is a man grew up in a setting that made him literally familiar with Mass of the Catechumens as their Masses were underground. Without the faith they had nothing. These faithful were shocked and dismayed when they left the Soviet Union and found something other than the Roman Rite of Mass they had been familiar with. Even today the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church in Kazakhstan has retained the spirit of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass it was formed out of.

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