Bishop Bans ‘Blasphemous’ Rosary for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ From Cathedral

From the National Catholic Register.


Bishop Paprocki made the greatest statement by saying that the prayer was blasphemous and "the cathedral and all churches are “open to everyone who wishes to repent their sins and ask for God’s forgiveness.”

God bless the good Bishop. :thumbsup:

These attacks on the Church by the homosexuals & attacks by the Obama admin. against religious liberty are all related. The RC Church is a problem they want silenced &/or eliminated.
Lifesite news reported:

On Friday, October 11th, during a meeting at the Catholic St. Michael’s College in Brussels, four topless Femen activists stormed the stage wrapped in the rainbow flag, the symbol of the homosexualist movement, disrupting a lecture and throwing a pie in the archbishop’s face.

The bare-breasted women also accosted the speaker, French politician and leader of the French Christian Democratic Party Christine Boutin, who is known for her vocal opposition to legally recognised same-sex unions,

Femen, a radical leftwing feminist-anarchist protest organisation, has repeatedly targeted Archbishop Leonard for his outspoken opposition to the homosexualist movement’s goals.

In April, the group broke in on a lecture the archbishop was giving at the ULB University in Brussels during a public debate on blasphemy laws.

As the topless women doused him with water and screamed pro-homosexual slogans, Archbishop Leonard sat praying silently. After the ordeal, the archbishop kissed the image of the Virgin Mary on one of the water bottles that was used in the attack

Thanks be to God good bishop!

Why aren’t these fanatics going into mosques and temples trying to take over!

The Bishop did the absolutely correct thing and I would give him a standing ovation if I could! I definitely give him two big thumbs up! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

What this group did is definitely blasphemy and it is outrageous that they would do such a disgusting thing! :mad: Do they honestly thing that our Blessed Virgin Mary is going to pray to our Lord for “marriage equality” which is just an innocent sounding word for “gay marriage”??? If so then something is wrong with their thinking. Our Blessed Mother would never ask her beloved Son to grant something that is so clearly and totally against His holy will! This may sound harsh but they may as well been praying to Satan himself!

I’m sorry for sounding so harsh in this post but this really really irritates me. It disgusts me that someone would do this and especially in a church!

I mean, God never meant for two people of the same sex to “marry”. It is not possible for it to happen in God’s eyes. Even though two people of the same sex can “marry” legally in some places God will never recognize such a disgusting perversion of True Marriage as an actual marriage because it is *not *one! It might be “marriage” in the eys of the law but it most definitely is not marriage in the eyes of God or in the eyes of the Church which the Son of God Himself founded!

Again, I apologize for the harshness of this post but this really irritates me. I am sickened enough by the fact that people want to redefine marriage into something which is nothing more than a perverse lie and now we have people praying the Rosary asking our Blessed Mother to pray for this disgusting and perverse lie known as “gay marriage” to succeed?? I’m sorry but that is just disgusting and it is blasphemy pure and simple.

I have a lot of respect for people who are attracted to the same sex. I am attracted to the same sex and to the opposite sex but nonetheless I condemn “same-sex marriage”, “civil unions”, “domestic partnerships”, and any other legal recognitions of these perverse relationships. I have friends who are gay but I absolutely do not condone unchastity of any sort and I absolutely do not condone “gay marriage”. I condemn it. I will always condemn it.

No need to apologize Holly, your post is so true. :thumbsup:

Besides, Hoosiers usually do seem to understand things… I know, I was born and raised one. :wink:

God bless Bishop Paprocki.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blest is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.


Thanks! :smiley:

I have heard about these attacks by Femen in the past but this is the first time I have heard about the pie throwing thing that I can easily recall. I may have heard about it before but I am not sure. I do recall an incident where they used a Blessed Virgin Mary shaped holy water bottle and threw water on a bishop or priest.

Femen really disgusts me with their way over-the-top tactics. Their agenda is clearly evil but do they really think they are going to win anyone over to their side with their over-the-top antics?? I wouldn’t think they would but apparently there are plenty of other fanatics out there who join them. :(:mad:

That said, I do forgive them for their disgusting and bigoted attacks on our Chuch. I think we should all pray for them that they would repent and be converted. I want to see them in Heaven when I hopefully someday get there by God’s grace.

I am speechless with amazement.
Gays coming into a cathedral to pray the rosary for the advancement of gay sex?
Something madmen would do.

Holly3278, you are correct:thumbsup:

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.:thumbsup:

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.:mad:

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.:confused:

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.:mad::cool:

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.:slight_smile:

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.:):o

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.:frowning:

God Bless Bishop Paprocki.:wink:

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