Bishop Barron Mini Series The Mass

…just finally watching this series by Bishop Barron. The Mass Mini Series can be found by going to the link/website and clicking on digital to join and view. My DH and I are inspired. The production is satisfying, informative and inspiring in many ways.


I love Bishop Barron’s videos!


I recently signed up for his digital offerings just to see The Mass but I can see there are other interesting topics to view. Bishop Barron seems like someone I would like to invite to my table for a shared meal.
Yes, I hear his faith in his words…liking that.

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I listen to his weekly sermons and podcasts from Word On Fire and am reading his book Catholicism.
I like him…


If he accepts your invitation, can I come too?

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Blessed folks that have him nearby…We have him digitally. Amazing times in some ways…

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I think he is quite good at explaining things. I love his talks on the ‘nones’

…slowly spoon fed myself The Mass mini series…finished consuming it last night. Bishop Barron mentions Vatican II more than once throughout the series. My feeling is that he is emphasizing the beauty, meaning and awesomeness of the Mass post Vatican II yet he wonders why Mass attendance is lower than prior to Vatican II.
Attendance is probably lower because of a number of abuses which for the most part have been corrected or in the process of being corrected.
The music, artwork and material in this series is perfect.
I highly recommend it. . . .


Oh goodness, the Mass series is absolutely brilliant!


He speaks a lot of the beauty of the Church and how this is useful to show people in the context of evangelisation.

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Imo it’s lower due to the climate of our culture since Vatican Ii…

Meaning the permissiveness of society. As in the repackaging (by society) of the unGodly as okay and natural when it is not, and what is Godly as beiing an imposed inconvenience, meant only as a means to control stupid people. This at least according to those who want to embrace unGodliness guilt and consequence free.

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