Bishop Barron - The Mass - deeply disappointed


My interest in Bishop Barron’s new series entitled “the Mass” was not for myself, at all. It was something I deeply reached for in an effort to hopefully draw my daughters into the faith.

I watched, online, for free, the first segment. The quality of the production was very good. Well, I fell for it. I would do anything, lay down my life, cut off my limbs…anything to draw my family towards Catholicism as I know many of you understand.

So I spent the money for the series. Not a big deal, and the money is not my point. $59.00.
What is the point is the massive deception (IMO). I watched and was impressed with the first 2 or 3 segments. The quality of the production was important to me. NOT FOR ME. Because I am attempting to battle this world and find something that might capture the attention of those I love and after watching the quality of production of the first few segments I was pleased with the potential that it might draw in those I are about.

When the DVDs arrived at my doorstep I was excited. I was particularly enthusiastic about watching “The Eucharist” – the 3rd DVD. When I finally figured out how to use my DVD player (who does this these days?), my disappointment (disbelief actually) was overwhelming. The ‘quality of production’ took a nose-dive. In fact it was OLD. It must be Bishop Barron 10 years ago (or so).

Quality of production - of course- is not and should not be important to the faithful. But…it may be very important when the effort is to try to draw someone home. It was so dry (compared to the efforts to draw yo in to this purchase) that I feel truly (I mean truly) robbed. What a con job! Anyone involved in this should be truly ashamed. I am deeply disturbed and disappointed.

I did not buy this for myself. I purchased this in hope of evangelizing my family. Shame on me for allowing myself to be conned in such a way. Shame on Bishop Barron for letting this happen.

Can;t tell you how disappointed I am. I feel God has let me down.

Again - It is NOT about production. But it is about honesty with production. The Eucharist is nothing more than anything you can find on youtube, where the preceding segment are of Oscar caliber. This is deception.


Maybe they used footage from the original Catholicism series. That came out about seven years ago.


BTW, I went to the website to find a place to vent about this. I came up empty. I could not even figure out how to get my money back.

Honestly, I am about to give up. God, sure is not making this effort (family evangelizing ) easy. I had hope with this. Fool I am.


Can you return it to the manufacturer, or perhaps donate it to your parish library and take a tax deduction?


thanks, but not concerned with the money. Just trying to regroup.


Have you shared it with your family yet, or have you just watched it yourself?


I can understand being disappointed but take things in perspective. Blaming God?


Honestly, my Faith has been shaken by this Thread… :frowning:


I get that you’re disappointed, but it’s weird that a dvd not being what you were looking for has devastated you this much.


Overstatement, perhaps…?


I don’t seem to be getting much help.


Long story. It’s been a long journey to try to draw my family in. Maybe I overreacted, but it’s been a long journey. And painful.


What did your daughters think of it?


Maybe He is telling you to stop depending on yourself and let Him work. But I don’t know your situation so I shouldn’t speak to that. It just seems that you are taking this too hard.


I thought it was all right during RCIA. It’s not memorable or anything… but you got conned because I watched it for free.


I was reluctant to revisit the battle when I was excited about it. Now I probably will not even pass it on to them cuz I know it will sit on the shelf.


I get it. I just think you’re being a little overly dramatic here. Even the most slickly produced dvd is not a magic bullet.

Maybe you need to take a step back, pray for your family, and let God handle it for a bit.


Yes - prayer is all that is left.


Admittedly I put too much hope on a DVD. Sometime I think I will never learn.


I was a little disappointed in the Pivotal Players dvd. I went and bought that based on the Catholicism series. I thought the saints segments in the Catholicism series were better.

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