Bishop Barron's review of A Quiet Place


A friend of mine went to see this movie with her 23 yo daughter who is in college. The daughter was having panic attacks afterwards. They saw nothing ‘religious’ in this movie. I liked Bishop Barron’s insight.

I want to watch this film, the story seems interesting.


That was a great review. Bishop Barron is a gem and always makes me feel hopeful about our culture. Jesus is there if you have the eyes to see him. Bishop Barron does.


I went and saw it with my youngest daughter Sunday night. The only reason I had ever heard of the film was because of this review. And really the only reason I wanted to see the film. It was a good movie. I want to see more from him to see if he his Catholic upbringing does influence his movies.

One distraction though was the monster. Total rip off of another popular TV series. I couldn’t help but think “Seriously, you couldn’t come up with anything more original than ripping off another show!?!”

In the car over the weekend I had a couple of discussions with my wife, kids and one of my kids friends about Bishop Barons take on the movie. I was grateful for this opportunity to get a morality discussion in with some teenagers.

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