Bishop Calls Mexican Drug Traffickers to Conversion

Bishop Julio Cesar Vidal of Cucuta, Colombia has called on Mexican drug traffickers to convert, saying their actions are only bringing suffering to Mexico.


The Bishop needs to call on his faithful to pick up a rifle and fulfill their duty of ensuring a just society. There is a culture of corruption in Mexico and most latin american countries. When Mexicans decide to say NO to the bribe asking official and make the hard choice to fight back, only then will they begin to be free. For now they are slaves to the cartels and their socialist gov (is there a difference?) just as their ancestors were slaves to the Spanish and the Aztecs.

are you going to help out?

It is not my society. I live in the USA. You cannot fulfill someone elses duty. I will help out by voting against Obama who is facilitating the human smuggling of the cartels by not enforcing US law.

Here is a glimpse of the hell that pro illegal immigration people are perpetuating:

pretty easy to tell someone else to pick up a rifle,.and advise a Bishop how to shepherd his flock from hundreds of miles away.

Yes, it is pretty easy since it is common sense. The Mexican people have been enslaved by one strong man after another; current strong men are the cartels and the socialist gov. They will not get true freedom (ability to choose what is right) by having a benevolent strong man, whatever that is. I can easily tell them what they need to do because there are universal principles such as justice and subsidiarity and having the duty/will to defend your family. It is these things that Mexican society is lacking. They will have to make a choice to pursue a free society. A government or even a bishop can not give it to them. Asking the cartel leaders to repent is not a real solution. It is great is a couple of them do, but there is a great deal of evil. What the bishop is doing is a kin to asking the muslims at Lepanto to repent and convert to Catholicism rather than loading the ships with more cannon balls.

Force is not evil, it is a necessity of justice. You might be confusing excessive force (which is called violence) with lawful force. Pacifism is not a Catholic virtue.

trust me,i’m far from a pacifist. i just don’t have much patience with internet warriors.

Given the profound impact the US society has had on helping sustain the troubles in Mexico, that’s like telling your neighbor he really needs to clean his place up while you empty your trash cans onto his lawn.


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