Bishop: CA's 'Insanely Distorted' Budget Increases Abortion Funding 40%

( – Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto called the state budget plan signed Friday by California Gov. Jerry Brown “insanely distorted health care” because it continues a 10 percent cut in Medi-Cal funds to hospitals and other health care providers for low- income families, but increases state funding to abortion providers by 40 percent.

Bishop Soto, who is president of the California Catholic Conference, which “is the official voice of the Catholic community in California’s public policy arena,” condemned the budget in a statement last week and urged Gov. Brown to “undo this wrong.”

“At a time when the state claims it is too poor to fully fund health care for nearly 10 million people, and women are struggling to find providers to give them basic medical care, the state returns a political favor by giving extra money to abortion providers,” Bishop Soto said.

The Left’s (aka Democrat) slavish devotion to our modern day Baal worship is truly disgusting.
Why provide actual healthcare when you can pander to a treasured cohort of abortionists? We used to have a medical office in California in an area with a very high MediCaid population. The pay was abysmal, about 10 cents on the dollar. Then they’d run out of money and just not pay anything for months and months. Something tells me they don’t use those tactics on the abortion providers…positively ghoulish.


I agree, Lisa. Satan is pleased!

The modern left’s mantra has always been that the right to kill your child or marry a person of your gender outranks caring for the poorest among us. Vice President Drebin’s recent comments highlight this.

Someone should remember this the next time someone claims they vote for Democrats because of their interest in helping the poor.

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Well…just pop on over to the social justice sub forum. :rolleyes:

My head would probably explode :D. As someone who has taught Catholic Social TEACHING at RCIA for many years, the term Social Justice gives me fits. It usually refers to extracting money from one cohort and donating it to another cohort. The latter is always someone that can feather the nest, increase the power, or slavishly pander to the donor.

The Left doesn’t care about what results, just how it makes them FEEEELLLLL and how the particular program augers to their increased influence. It’s utterly ridiculous to hear that Veterans are not getting medical care and that lifesaving treatments are denied to those on Medicaid but the abortuaries are getting increasing support.


I hear ‘ya! The very term SJ is a meaningless chant anymore without benefit of the very principles it is supposed to comprise. And those Dems? The meme is that they are kinder to the poor and champion their civil rights. The reality is that they would even prevent them from being born!

Yes if you listen to their road to H*ll paved with good intentions. The frequent argument is that if the child is “not wanted” by aborting him or her, we “save” the child from a horrible life. Look at that slippery slope when those who have no connection to a person get to decree whether or not that person has the right to be born or to live. It’s the usual litany of the horribles, imagined and projected that have not happened, probably will not happen and even if the pregnant woman is unable to care for the child he or she could be adopted. One thing I’ve noticed about the Left is that they base decisions on speculation and an imagined world that exists only in their minds. I imagine some useful idiots in Sacramento are patting themselves on the back that by promoting abortion they are “saving” a child from a terrible life or saving money because surely the child will be supported by the taxpayers. It must be nice to live in LaLa Land.


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