Bishop Condemns Catholic Insurance Agency for Complying with HHS Mandate

The U.S. government requires that Catholic institutions, like all others, pay for abortion-producing drugs, sterilizations, and contraception. Now South Dakota’s Bishop Swain has strongly come out against a Catholic insurance agency because it has decided to comply and to pay for such coverage. This insurance agency “will now be materially cooperative in the termination of life,” Bishop Swain says.

Sad that the insurance agency deicided to do this, most excellent that Bishop Swain spoke out about it and had his representatives resign.

Which I guess also means: if you work there, you risk an automatic excommunication reserved to the Holy See.

I hope other Bishops follow this example!! :knight1:

God Bless Bishop Swain for defending life

May God bless Bishop Swain for doing what is right.:thumbsup:

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