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Amazing insight to workings in the Vatican. Sodano was fired and refuses to leave… I heard of his termination months ago and find it horrifying to see him still there.

It also makes me realize even more why the Motu Proprio has not yet been released. Let us all pray for the Pope.


I agree that the Pope has essnentially lost any governing authority. That is why IMO the Vatican backed off on excommunicating those who support abortion. A basic premise of the church yet if the Pope tried to enforce it he knows that it would prove to th world that indeed he has no troops. He is a leader in title only IMO. No real authority and basiccaly the church in the West is in schism. The Vatiucan seems more afraid to acknowledge that than to lose souls - which is most troubling of all. I have left the church and this re-affirms my decision to do so.

Hang on, Cardinal Sodano was fired? I didn’t know that. I thought it was just the customary age retirement. He and the Holy Father were friends back when the latter was the Prefect for the CDF. It’s a surprise the Pope would want to fire his old friend.

I also read a report that Cardinal Sodano is in a feud with Cardinal Ruini, but I’m not sure I believe that. Actually, I find it really hard to believe that any feuds even to happen with the Cardinals in the last few centuries. Maybe professional disagreements, but not feuds. But that’s just me; I guess I might be a bit naive. I’ve always viewed the Vatican as Utopia.

[quote=rien]That is why IMO the Vatican backed off on excommunicating those who support abortion.

Canon law mentions that anyone who procures an abortion is automatically excommunicated. (can. #1397 iirc)

The pope doesn’t need to formally announce anything. It’s already done.

Ignorance of the law (and rejection of infallible moral teaching) is no excuse. If people can spend time learning about the rules of a new card game, then they can learn about the rules of their faith. Those in that position that recieve the Eucharist bring condemnation on themselves whether the pope officially says so or not.

The Pope’s governing authority is in the matter of faith and morals, and in the administrative duties of the Archdiocese of Rome and the Holy See. The Bishops are delegated the rest of the governing authority – the Pope is their brother bishop while still being head of the Universal Church on Earth. Excommunication is a serious matter, and sometimes the Pope doesn’t need to excommunicate someone for they have excommunicated themselves. What we must ask ourselves is why our American Bishops continue to allow apostacy from their brothers in the United States Catholic Conference, and from their parishoners in their own dioceses.

But you go onto state that you left the church because the rest of the church is in schism? Isn’t that a bit of the pot calling the kettle black?

So do we now think the Motu Proprio will still be published by the end of May 2007. Or is this just all talk from the Vatican to keep us traditionalists happy. Has the Motu Proprio ever been talked about seriously, recently, on let’s say EWTN?, since it is so-called “about to be published”. Seems like EWTN seems to talk more about politics than faith lately. If the Motu Proprio is about to be published, you would think EWTN would be all over this story every week. Has any non traditional priests discussed this with their faithful in any sermons. Think about this everyone!!. As Bishop Fellay so rightly puts it. I’ll believe it when I see it!. They say it’s a done deal. If that is so, where is it. Or is this just a stall tactic?. If the Pope is all for it, from which I’m sure, and is “Infallible” and the shepherd of the Catholic Church, why does he need to wait if he feels this is right for the church and the flock he is entrusted to by God?. The Eastern Orthodox are told that unity means accepting Papal Authority. Why??. If the current Pope has no real power or authority in the Catholic Church. The infallible words that comes from his mouth are not his own, but the select few Cardinals who really run the Modern Catholic Church. And the real power comes from a select few modernist Cardinals in the Vatican. Not the Pope!. What are the real chances this will be published or announced, not to likely in my opinion. And that seems less likely on every passing day in May. What will we be saying on May 31, “Maybe in the month of April”, and so on. I pray for Pope Benedict XVI.

You nailed it. The Pope can’t even get Sodano to leave. he has no real, practial authority IMO. The Orthodox surely see this.

It’s amazing to watch this period of Church history unfold.

I’m so bloody confused.

Not really. The liberals he is complaining about claim to ein communion with the Church whilst rejecting some basic teachings. Rome hasn’t put the boot in so rien has resigned in protest.
This is a clear case, incidentally,of someone not informal communion with the Church who might be in a “communion of desire”.

Bishop Fellay: Video clip 8…wow!

I am not a supporter of the SSPX but those are some good videos.

I agree that is an awesome video. I especially liked the comments on the Rosary crusade.

Nice Icon. I have one similar.:thumbsup:

No, I “resigned” as the current Pope and previous one issued all sorts of great orthodox documents but failed to be a shephard to the local churches. I live in a liberal diocese and the heterodox teaching continued under JP2 to the horror of orthodox faithful here and was, in the end, rewarded. I was stunned.

I did not lose my faith in God or an afterlife. I did not become fundamentalist or Mormon. I did not convert to Orthodoxy or liberal Protestanism or Buddhism. I took a less similar path to all the conversions of Catholics going on now to other faiths.

But, in the end, it was the failure to see a shepard tending his flock in the Pontiff that sealed it for me. The latest news stories continue to affirm that - for me anyway.

I may be banned for being blunt like this but it is the truth. Why do I continue posting? Because I want answers, have all sorts of questiuons and have now joined Muslim, Buddhst, New Age and other forums.

Faith, the meaning of life, remains a passion for me though I no longer find the complete answer in Catholicism or Christianity. Frankly, I don’t think any faith today has the complete answer. Don’t think that is possible. We are all guessing to be sure - having 3 dimesional views of 4 dimesions. Which just can’t be done.

I think it was a fascinating video. I want to know if it’s actually true that Pope Paul VI did not even read the Novus Ordo Missae before he signed it to promulgate it.

I really liked his metaphors about religions: how the Catholic Church is like an airplane, and other religions have missing parts of religions. Good stuff.

Bishop Fellay raises some very valid points.

Why are all of these bishops and cardinals (most of all Arinze for heaven’s sake!) so vehemently against the TLM?

It’s Tradition. They want to change tradition. Another reason why their can never be full communion with the Holy Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church is about unchanging tradition. The traditional Catholics are about unchanging tradition. The rest and majority of Roman Catholics are about changing tradition, including most of the Catholic hierarchy, like the liberal protestants. The Western world caters to secularism and worldly things. Religion is an inner thing to many western Christians. Not a faith of believers, but a faith of the individual. Going back to tradition eliminates the faith of the individual, and brings back the one faith of the Church. Look at why their was never a protestant reformation in the East. It has always been a Western problem. Even though their were heresies in the East. The Oriental Orthodox Churches even stick with tradition. Not the radical break of traditions that infects the churches of the West.

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