Bishop Finn’s trial moved to Thursday, now without a jury

Almost a year after Bishop Robert Finn and his diocese were charged with failing to report child-abuse suspicions, they will appear in court today to lay their case before a judge and not a jury.

In a surprising move made public Wednesday in a court filing, the bishop and the church have agreed to have a judge decide in a bench trial whether they are guilty. The move avoids a lengthy jury trial, which was set to open Sept. 24.

Prosecutors and lawyers representing Finn and the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph are sorting through a series of facts about the case, a spokesman for Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said.

“This means that all the parties in the case — the diocese, Bishop Finn and the prosecutor’s office — are negotiating what the facts and testimony will be,” said Mike Mansur. “Those will be presented to the judge.”

Jackson County Circuit Judge John Torrence is expected to issue verdicts today.

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Bishop Finn guilty on count 2.

2 years probation.


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Bishop Finn convicted on one charge of failure to report abuse

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CNS) – Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph was convicted Sept. 6 of one count of failing to report suspected child abuse and acquitted on another count in a brief bench trial.

Jackson County Circuit Judge John M. Torrence issued the verdict and quickly set and suspended a sentence of two years’ probation. The charges carried a possible maximum sentence of one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

In a courtroom statement following the verdict, Bishop Finn said he truly regretted and was sorry for the hurt the events caused…"

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