Bishop obeys govt order to remove Catholic school teaching on sinfulness of homosexual acts

Bishop obeys govt order to remove Catholic school teaching on sinfulness of homosexual acts

I am so saddened not only about the tyranny of the Canadian government, but about the capitulation to tyranny by a Catholic bishop.

Catholic students and families attending Catholic schools deserve to know the truth.

I encourage readers of this article to contact the bishop. The contact information is posted at the end of the article.

Catholics in Canada should protest. However, I hope the Bishop tells teachers to answer the question correctly or at least tell a child to speak with a priest at their parish when a child asks them. If they can’t bring up the subject in school, at least they better not be forced to lie about it.

This is terrible.
I wonder why the bishop didn’t simply eliminate the written policy? He could perhaps have communicated it informally in meetings with the teachers.

The government has this right for publicly funded schools. That point was made clear in the article. Presumably, the right would not exist if the school did not receive money from the Government.

Teach the truth underground! That’s what we Catholics are good at ever since during the Roman Empire. :wink:


It is time for a showdown in Yukon. It is time for everybody to stand up and be counted.

The Bishop should reinstate the old policy, even if the govt comes in and closes his school in retaliation. If the govt closes the school, then the parents and voters should stand up. Go at the voting booths and fire the fascist government. Or else, if they are happy with their fascist government, they may as well send their children to government run public schools after the Catholic school has been forced to close down.

Perhaps you are right. The Church serves no purpose at all if serves any master but God.

I would need to read more before impugning the Bishop, but to avoid Church teaching on anything is to render yourself irrelevant.

The world needs the Church for truth, not comfort. That’s why God in His divine love, also gave us the Snuggie.

Or they could get out that literature about home schooling!:thumbsup:

“The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops”. - St. Athanasius, Council of Nicaea, AD 325

Please, brothers and sisters, pray for the Church’s Bishops and priests, that they will lead holy lives and teach the Truth, who is Jesus.

im from England,and this so called government money talk gets on my goat,it really does…

there is no such a thing as government money,it tax payers money…

and the majority of people do not believe or go for the PC world that they are preaching/pushing… infact i would say the majority of people know that it is a sin/wrongful act…

its just that they use the tax payers money against the tax payers… now work that one out…

its mind blowing how its got this far,and people voted them in…

Yes, exactly. It’s not the government’s money. It’s the taxpayers’ money. The government has a duty to redirect the taxpayers’ money to those schools that the taxpayers chose for their children to attend.

It’s only fair to expect that Catholic taxpayers should be able to send their tax dollars, together with their children, to Catholic schools. The same applies to Protestant, Muslim, etc. taxpayers. Let them send their tax money, as well as their kids, to religious schools of their choice.

And when the government tries to prohibit Catholic schools from teaching Catholic morals - that’s totalitarianism. That’s what Hitler, Stalin, and the other totalitarian regimes did to their people.

Keep in mind that Catholic schools in Canada are fully funded by the state. Not so here. I’ve posted on here before about this Catholic persecution in Canada. You think this is bad?..check this out!’t-teach-“misogynistic”-pro-life

Peace, Mark***

Wow, that’s even worse. :frowning:

(Ontario Official: Catholic Schools Can’t Teach “Misogynistic” Pro-life)

But shouldn’t we insist that Canadian schools are fully funded by the Canadian taxpayers’ money? OK, they are fully funded by the state, however the state is fully funded by the taxpayers. Ergo, Canadian schools are fully funded by the Canadian taxpayers.

The schools are not governed directly by the bishops, but by Boards of Trustees chosen by Catholic voters in civil elections. And when you accept funding from the (secular) government, you better believe this money comes with unwanted strings attached. Where as U.S. Catholic schools do not receive taxpayer funding…and you better hope they never do…read this;

Peace, Mark

You are ignoring a basic fact of life: He who pays the freight calls the shots. Since the Bishop accepted Government money for his schools, the Government has every right to dictate what can and cannot be taught in that school.
In cases where the dictates of government clash with Catholic teaching, then the Bishop is obligated to close his schools and possibly open a school not funded with government money. If this is not possible, he can direct every parish to offer classes in the Catholic Religion for school children apart from their regular school.
Since such Governmental policies are dictated by Parliament in Canada, and are national in scope, the chances of getting them changed by electing new legislators is extremely remote since Catholics are very much a minority in Canada, even if they voted as a bloc.

It’s just like Freedom of the Press depends on who owns the press!:rolleyes:

Sort of.

In Ontario, you can choose to direct your tax dollars to the school system you choose.

So the only taxpayers that are funding the Catholic School system are those who choose to fund the Catholic school system.

So the correct statement would be that the Catholic Schools in Ontario are fully funded by the subset of taxpayers that have chosen to redirect their money to the Catholic School System instead of the Public School System.

The Government should also comply with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that includes freedom of Religion. Also funding of the Catholic schools is in the Constitution. Just as the government has to obey the law with regard to employment standards, so to they should with religious freedom.

The Government has no legal or moral right to demand this and its sad that the Bishop caved.

error has no rights.

They sure are doing a great job convincing people otherwise, though!:blush:

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