Bishop objects to Notre Dame gay marriage policy

**Bishop objects to Notre Dame gay marriage policy

Fort Wayne-South Bend Bishop Kevin Rhoades wrote in the diocese newspaper that he’s uncertain about the impact of gay marriage legalization in the state on religious institutions.

“I would like to see further study of what the law requires as well as what religious liberty protections Notre Dame and our other Catholics institutions have so as not to be compelled to cooperate in the application of the law redefining marriage,” the bishop’s column said.

Rhoades said he believed it was important for Notre Dame to “affirm its fidelity to Catholic teaching on the true nature of marriage as a union of one man and one woman.”

Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins with POTUS Barack Obama, who was issued an honorary Doctorate AND was paid to appear as the Graduation Speaker to Notre Dame’s Class of 2009.

Notre Dame has run afoul of the diocese bishop before, including in 2009 when the late Bishop John D’Arcy, and several other Catholic bishops around the country, objected to the university’s decision to have President Barack Obama as its graduation speaker and award him an honorary degree.

More background on this …

National Catholic Register 11/1/2014
Notre Dame Professor Hits School President
After Pro Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Policy

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WASHINGTON – An orthodox Notre Dame professor gave out the email address of the school president publicly Tuesday night after the nation’s flagship Catholic university announced it would extend benefits to same-sex couples.

The Rev. Wison D. Miscamble, C.S.C., a professor of United States history at Notre Dame, urged one young alumni member in the audience at the Catholic Information Center to send an email to President John Jenkins, C.S.C.

“Write directly to Father Jenkins. That’s the best person to write to. Now it’s not clear that he’s going to [respond]. If you write, that goes to the staff. But get his own email address:,” Miscamble said, drawing nervous laughter from the crowd of three to four dozen.

Miscamble, 61, specializes in American diplomatic and foreign policy history and wrote an acclaimed book on U.S. strategist George Kennan. For his hour-long lecture, Miscamble drew material from “For Notre Dame: Battling for the Heart and Soul of a Catholic University,” a collection of essays and reflections that criticize the school for failing to adhere to core Church teachings.

***Pro-Marriage Club Denied Official Status at Notre Dame

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Notre Dame “is a Catholic university and endorses a Catholic view of marriage,” [but] “it will follow the relevant civil law and begin to implement this change immediately.” -Father John Jenkins *from his startling statement that Notre Dame will now provide health care and other financial benefits to gay as well as traditional, opposite-sex married student couples.
The haste with which it was done and its being announced without serious consideration of the legal implications is not only deeply troubling but also revelatory of the direction of the current Notre Dame administration. Notre Dame has made no effort to stand for the truth about marriage but has supinely conformed to a deeply flawed understanding of this crucial institution. -Father Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C.

Not a few months ago though, Fr. Jenkins was criticizing the HHS mandates thus:

… University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins sent a letter to the White House denouncing the mandate.

*“This would compel Notre Dame to either pay for contraception and sterilization in violation of the church’s moral teaching, or to discontinue our employee and student health care plans in violation of the church’s social teaching. It is an impossible position.”

Having already spoken at Notre Dame, one wonders what use President Obama has in listening to Fr. Jenkins. – commentary by Joshua Mercer

Your thoughts?

Parents united. Do not send your catholic child to this college under any circumstances. If you have been supporting ND through charitable donations, please stop. Support true catholic colleges who uphold the church teachings, instead.

AMEN, God Bless, Memaw

Agreed. If Notre Dame doesn’t want to be Catholic, then Catholics shouldn’t support it.

Good advice indeed, Sherry! :thumbsup:

I agree with taking a stand which in this case for some people would be very difficult. I would like to offer what I consider one of the greatest examples of standing up for faith with another story involving Notre Dame. In 2009 Mary Ann Glendon was awarded the distinguished Laetare Medal from Notre Dame but refused to accept it because POTUS Obama was also invited to speak. Because of his pro-choice position she refused to be present and accpet the award. This is standing up for our beliefs no matter what it costs us. God bless those who have the courage to do this,

This just makes me so sad. So many Catholic Univ. that no longer walk the path of our Catholic faith.:mad:

I will always remember that on the day Notre Dame lavished multiple honors upon the US’s most radical abortion advocate (beyond partial-birth abortion and advocating against some classes of “born alive” babies receiving any medical care!) - it’s security forces arrested Father Norman Weslin for peacefully demonstrating at Notre Dame by walking, singing hymns and saying the rosary in a remote part of the campus far away from the graduation ceremonies.

If Notre Dame is ever “Catholic Again” (i.e. the orthodox Catholics are in charge of things and not the dissenters), a statue to the late Fr. Weslin ought to be built there. As it stands the Notre Dame President that orchestrated the Obama fiasco (and who still holds the post in 2014) is more likely to be so honored. :mad:

Notre Dame really does continue to disappoint. My brother recently graduated from there, and the scariest part is that among the mainstream Catholic universities, ND is seen as “ultra traditional” to most. This place is full of people cashing in off of shallow forms of piety.

I had met Fr. Weslin a few years ago and he was the gentlest person ever. His reward is in Heaven where it truly counts. God Bless him. Memaw

This is another example of why the church is no longer supported or repsected. The pope and leaders do not enforce their own rules and beliefs. Until they start removing people from office who preach things that contradicts faith and publicly deny communion to people who openly oppose doctrine then they will never be taken seriously anymore. Its way past time the Church cleans house and kicks the liberals out. Faith and doctrine doesn’t change and there is no reason church leaders should try to make changes because doing so is sending their own souls to hell. The teaching are absolute, follow them or get out.

But we all know the real issue is the Church fears another split and does not want to be seen divided nor to lose all the money they would lose if a new branch of Catholicism appeared even if it is called false.

The church needs to stop worrying about the money, stop worrying about how many members they have, and stop trying to appease liberals to increase their members and revenue and stop worrying about being politically correct. and worry about Gods words only. God says the Church will never fail but lets remember the Church does not mean the leaders will never fail and quite a few of them are on a path to hell this day and time for preaching and pushing false agendas. And until they are stopped by the Pope and other leaders then those that allow it to continue are committing the same sin by allowing it and failing as leaders.

So it is past time to kick people out, publicly deny them communion and not allow them back in until the repent their sins and admit that they are wrong. The Church doesn’t need those people stirring up trouble but should continue to pray for them to find their way back but not allow them to be a part of until they change.

I completely agree with everything you say. Most of the time it seems like no one is looking out for our faith. Our teachings and doctrines are so well defined, I just don’t understand how people and clergy are continually allowed to teach and say anything they want. Too many priests and bishops are looking the other way or just don’t care. :confused:

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