Bishop Paprocki: Think and pray about your vote in upcoming election

The following was a statement by the Bishop of Springfield IL, Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, published yesterday (23 Sep) in the Springfield Catholic Times.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

Much attention was given at the Democratic National Convention held recently in Charlotte, N.C., to the fact that all references to God had been purged from the draft version of the party platform. After outcries of protest from outside as well as within the Democratic Party, the sentence with the same reference to God used in 2008 was restored to read, “We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

Before anyone relaxes and concludes that all is well now that the Democratic Party Platform contains a single passing reference to God, the way that this was done should give us pause. Convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa had to call for the voice vote three times because each time the sound level for the “ayes” and the “nays” sounded about even, far short of the two-thirds necessary according to convention rules to amend the platform. That did not stop the convention chairman from declaring, “The ayes have it!”

What is troubling about that is the blatant disregard for the rules and for the apparent wishes of about half the delegates. The reference to God is back in the platform apparently because President Obama wanted it back in. That may be fine for now, but if a future president wants references to God taken out, apparently that can be done regardless of the wishes of the delegates if that is what The Leader wants. That does not bode well for democracy in the Democratic Party.

I encourage you to go to the link and read the rest for yourselves.

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This and the fact that The Holy Father came out again this weekend,stating as clearly as is possible,No Catholic,in GOOD CONSCIENCE can support a candidate that endorses even one ,not to mention all of the non negotiables of the Church.That is any intrinsic evil.Only pray those inclined to vote this way,will have a conversion of conscience.

If only most catholics here believed that. There are more Catholics who support obama than there are who oppose him u_u

it makes you wonder…if Jesus were to come for his 2nd coming right before the Election and tell us, I mean JESUS HIMSELF tells us, not just his Vicar, that we should not vote for someone who supports such intristric evils (abortion being the TOP ONE)…how many would LISTEN to CHRIST himself?

:thumbsup:Good point!

Do you *really *want to know the answer to that question?


Well I don’t see how any Catholic could vote for money grubbing men like RMoney/Ryan. They are everything Jesus taught against. He said the meek shall inherit the Earth and the rich man suffer. There’s even Nuns on the Bus showing that Ryan is not a true Catholic. By the way, didn’t everyone see the priest (or maybe it was a Bishop) do a prayer over the DNC at the end??? :smiley:

Romney’s pro-choice too. Does that mean Catholics can’t vote for him either?

Oh that’s hilarious,Nuns on the bus,calling out Ryan on his faith? I am pretty sure they are a credible source.:rolleyes:Add to that,the class envy thing is really tired,not to mention not a very appealing trait for anyone,particularly a Catholic!:eek:

Are you kidding?? “Class envy thing”??? By the way it is a VERY appealing trait for a Catholic, unless you’re in that 1%. It says here you’re a Catholic but you speak more like a Mormon.

Nice…very nice… :thumbsup:

We most definitely do need to think and pray about our vote before we cast it. This election is going to be a critical election in the history of the United States I believe. I fear that if Obama and the Democrats win then secularism will just continue its march forward.

May God help us during this critical time in the history of our nation. May He also help us to win the lawsuits against the HHS contraceptive mandate so that it is either completely abolished or amended to protect our religious freedoms. May He protect our religious freedom in all other ways as well. Amen.

Yeah,maybe you should just stay home not vote…:rolleyes:

Surely,you jest:eek:

You didn’t see the :smiley: at the end of the post?

I assume he’s/she’s pulling our leg.

Were they wearing traditional habits? If not…

Paul Ryan seems to understand economics.

So,in your opinion,a Catholic shouldn’t strive for financial success,being in the one percent,as I am sure there are manynCatholics that fit into this category,is not a good thing:confused:

No,I saw a :thumbsup:.Not a :D. In re reading his posts,I bet you are right.A real joker;)

At the end of HIS/HER post, not mine.

I agree with the Bishop and many other Bishops that see such this as a defining moment for Catholics at the Ballet Box in defense of their faith as the consequences will be large for the Church here in the U.S.A. For those fellow lay people my advise is to listen to the leading of our Bishops. We ourselves are not in such a spiritual position of leadership as they are. ( I personally feel many Catholics feel they can make up their own opinions w/o considering the teaching of the Church they are members of) My most sincere prayers not only for this election but anyone in the position of power in this our great country. Mary, pray for us.

In Him,

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