Bishop Paprocki's view on crisis



Is there evidence the Pope has done anything wrong re Mc Carrick?
Not much so far; still being looked into.

Is there evidence the Pope has done anything, anything at all, to develop a relationship with, and build unity among, American bishops?

None at all.

St JP 2 sometimes appointed people with different philosophical views, and tried hard to work with US bishops and the bishops conference, even when they disagreed with him. He didn’t denounce any bishop as right or left wing. He didn’t bypass the bishops he inherited, but worked with him. Pope Francis didn’t create the divisions, but perhaps made them a little worse.


Yeah, this is something I’ve definitely noticed since Pope Francis was elected. Those who don’t share his views on the Church are often sidelined; look at Cardinals Muller and Burke - two well-respected cardinals well below retirement age, shuffled off into a corner with nothing to do. Compare that to Cardinal Kasper, who was often at odds with Pope John Paul II for his questionable theology, but was still trusted by the Pope to be Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, and served on the International Theological Commission as well. Today that would never happen with a bishop or cardinal who has different views than Pope Francis; they would be essentially blacklisted. I feel like that once you’re on Pope Francis’ s**t list, for lack of a better term, you’re on it forever.


This all makes me wonder even more about the resignation of Pope Benedict…


You get the thread derailment of the day award :1st_place_medal:


The next Pope, even if he is liberal, will make the archbishop of Los Angeles and Philadelphia Cardinals, even if the same people are in those positions.

Um, Newark? A cardinal?


I would just like to thank the academy, my agent and my family for believing in me…


I agree with his Grace Bishop Paprocki. This crisis cannot be ignored or waited out. An urgent investigation into Vigano’s allegations is needed to get to the bottom of this matter, to see how McGarrick managed to get away with his sins for so long.


I find myself wondering if it is really so important that these guys hold some important (to them) position. Burke is practically a household word on the Catholic Internet these days. He’s still exercising a lot of influence from where I sit, regardless of whether the Pope gave him an important job.

I have felt a bit annoyed that the media presents the position of Papal Nuncio to the USA as a demotion. Maybe it wasn’t as fly as whatever Vigano was doing previously, but the USA is a big country and there are a lot of Catholics here who need a nuncio. It’s not like he was sent off to Antarctica.


I agree no no one has a right to a Church job. But the Church suffers if people are pulled out of jobs where they are using all their training, and moved to other jobs requiring far less skill. In some cases this was done on people who apparently were doing competent work - but were conservative.

The two previous popes tried hard to work with people of different philosophy, and I think there was mutual learning. Pope Francis seems too quick to trust a few people who think like him, and to distance himself, or exile, conservatives.

I think he gets a narrow input.


Since when do subordinates get to “demand” anything from their superior?

I would like to see one of my employees try that! Or better yet, I think I’ll go tell my boss I think he is a lying, coniving, liberal who is hell-bent on destroying the industry!
Yeah, that’ll work. :roll_eyes:


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