Bishop Ricken Highlights 'Contradiction' of Gloria Steinem's St. Norbert Invitation

Why should any Catholic (or anyone else) want to hear a woman speak about how great it is to kill children:mad:

Please list “rightwingers” beliefs you feel are contrary to the faith.

Right-wingers & left-wingers…That’s the whole Gloria Steinem point. Who is she if she was financed by the CIA (Bloomberg news) along with ex-boyfriend Henry Kissinger?!? There’s a whole set of “false flag” operatives that work, as Kissinger did, with liberals and conservatives to co-opt any populist movement. Another of Gloria’s long-time ex-boyfriends was the government lawyer notorious for short-circuiting the investigation into the Martin Luther King assassination. Include former NYC Mayor Bloomberg who is, with Obama’s Wall Street-friendly IRS, slap-fighting the Tea Party whose only agenda is to audit the private banks in America and abroad that make up the phony Federal Reserve system. One can only hope the elite will self-digest each other starting now and leave the elect in the peace of Christ and His abundant life, please God.

These satanic elitists proudly serve the Father of Lies & Murder. Lying works and it effected the legalized killing with abortion and suicide. We have the testimony of Catholic convert Dr. Bernard Nathanson that N.A.R.A.L. simply lied about those back-alley abortion stats to effect abortion “rights” in contravention of the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

The student newspaper of St. Norbert’s published a piece asking if Gloria Steinem isn’t our neighbor. No, she is not. Christ defined one’s “neighbor” as that individual who lends a helping hand to preserve life, not just some indifferent hypocrite from an affinity group; or a Judas Goat like Gloria Steinem who pretends to be part of an affinity group. Please note Steinem does not call herself a “feminist” she calls herself an “activist.” That’s a fact. Gloria Steinem is an “activist” but for the dark side that wants women to get pregnant, pay cash to get aborted, and increase breast cancer rates after donating to the cause of increased breast cancer via Planned Parenthood through the Susan G. Komen pinkies. This info is per Joel Brind’s meta-analysis showing the breast cancer-abortion link. God help you collaborators. Real liberals, which Steinem is not, would be protesting and activist-ing the slaughter of Christians by Muslims underwritten by the USA.

**Our Lady of America, Queen of Angels, pray for us and send the Holy Angels to encamp about us, protecting us and healing us, bringing us to the Way, Truth & Life as one nation under the Most High God protecting life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness universally. **

The statement did not refer to right wing beliefs, which are not possible to define, but to people with right wing beliefs. I have seen individuals oppose church teaching from conservative positions, like the encyclical Caritas in Veritate’s admonishment of the responsibility of wealthy nations to help poorer nations and the role of international cooperation. Much of the Social Doctrine of the Church is opposed by conservatives. Catholics have used prudential judgment as a reason to oppose pretty much any action that helps the poor. I do not see this as much different from the liberal, “I am personally opposed, but…” excuse.

However, with Steinem, there is not equivocating. She is a true abortion advocate.

Your claim that conservatives oppose the social doctrine of the Church. This is a nasty and unwarranted. Conservatives disagree with the notion that government is a benevolent or good steward of resources to help th epoor.

Nasty? Unwarranted? You misquoted the previous poster. That is objectively wrong, yet you accuse me of being nasty? I will document my statement. If what I said was true, then I would expect you to re-evaluate your excessive rhetoric. However, while I look this up, I hope you will re-read and note from the context that I did not say “all conservantives.” I did not need to say “some”, because the context clearly indicates that I was speaking of individuals, as in, " I have seen individuals oppose church teaching from conservative positions"

Here are disagreements with Caritas in Veritate:

I note I am not the first to make this observation.

I didn’t misquote at all. I accurately applied his statement to the statement he was responding to. There are left wing beliefs which are contrary to the Christian faith, and there are many Catholics who don’t care, they still hold the beliefs and vote contrary to the Christian faith. It was then claimed that a lot of rightwingers do the same. I asked for a list of those beliefs which are contrary to the Christian faith (which is the underlying premise of the comments). For “a lot of rightwingers” to do the same, there must be rightwing beliefs which are contrary to the Christian faith. So I asked for them to be listed.

I expect an apology from you for accusing me of misquoting.

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There is a large segment of catholics (even church going) who are very left wing and they don’t care about their belief being at odds with the church .
Lot of rightwingers who do the same…

Please list “rightwingers” beliefs you feel are contrary to the faith.

Then I will apologize. You did not quote the previous person. However, I still see you misrepresenting them. There is a difference between beliefs and people. Conservatives are not a monolithic group, as liberals are not monolithic. There is no such animal as “rightwingers’ beliefs” as each person has their own specific beliefs. The point remains, that there are *people * (that is, individual liberals and conservatives) on both the left and right that disagree with the Catholic Church when it disagrees with their politics. You do not have to agree, but I have seen it. It is a basic principle taught by Jesus that if we are going to attempt eye surgery on others, we need to first clear our own vision.

Again, beliefs are not the equivalent of people. I will not make this case again. Disagree if you must.

Nope, I did not misrepresent them.

There are leftwing beliefs, such as abortion, euthanasia, same-sex “marriage”, etc, which are contradictory to the Christian faith.

There are many leftwingers who do not care that it violates the Christian faith, and vote for candidates that support these beliefs or vote directly for them. I’m sure there are some leftwingers who reject these particular beliefs and won’t vote for these candidates or issues, and so they stay in line with the Christian faith. But they ARE rejecting leftwing beliefs when they do so.

There are no rightwing beliefs that contradict the Christian faith. If there are rightwingers who are voting on beliefs in contradiction to the Christian faith, those beliefs are not rightwing.

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