Bishop Robert Barron did a Reddit Ask Me Anything



Thanks for posting. Interesting.


I really respect Bishop Barron for doing this and for his patience. Bear doesn’t have the patience of Barron when it comes to this stuff. The person who left the church because she was told to leave over separation of church and state, why didn’t she just tell whoever told her that to go pound sand? I would have.

The other thing I notice is how simple and concise the Bishop’s answers are, while everybody else seems to be going in cirules digging themselves into a deep hole with a shovel in each hand. Life is simply not meant to be that hard to figure out.


Talk about walking into a lion’s den… Good for him.

I love that someone mentioned his Apple computer as bring proof that the Church only exists to indoctrinate people to make money and if only we sold the Vatican we could help all the poor…

… Despite already helping the poor more than anyone else, but, shhhh, ignore that part.


Haters gonna hate. Judas thought the woman with the perfumed oil should have sold that and given the money to the poor too.

I’d also like to know if the person typing that comment has sold all his personal possessions, given the money to the poor, and is living on a meager wage. If not then it’s pretty hypocritical to be pointing fingers at others.


9k comments already…

I’ve tried reading reddit, but it always crashes my Chrome…

Went to go read again, and it crashed again…

It’s the universe’s way of telling me, “Stay off of reddit and go do something useful.”

That’s really amazing that it generated so much interest! If anyone wants to relay any high points, I’d love to read a recap of some fun bits…


That’s what I was thinking. As much as I love Reddit (though mostly for the cute and funny animal stuff), that site definitely slants towards the atheist, if not anti-theist. The atheist subreddit was actually a default subreddit everyone was subscribed to for a while (I think it stopped being one), and even the main Christianity subreddit is notorious among the other Christian-themed ones for leaning heavily towards liberal Protestantism and non-religion.

Yeah, I lack the patience to deal with most serious topics on Reddit in general. Level-headedness is not a virtue of that site, and those trying to appear level-headed don’t tend to come across as genuine. That’s mostly why I stick to the animal ones.


Bishop Barron certainly is able to do things I could not. Especially with the level of patience he has. Generally, unless it is a specific subreddit that focuses on something specific, I would stay away. Especially r/atheism. Although there certainly are users with quality posts and arguments, the groupthink and meme culture, along with emotionally charged arguments (focused on insulting you), make it a toxic place.

I recommend to anyone the Bishop Barron talk with Dave Rubin on YouTube. Perhaps one of my favorite Barron pieces.


It’s great to see Church leaders, especially bishops, engaging with the people—especially those who are not Catholic.

Instead of hiding away due to huge past failings, this engagement is amplified and it is also real. It isn’t scripted, it isn’t forced, and it is done without an arm twisting.

Every Church leader can and IMHO should find a spot to do something similar to this, that suits their mission and their voice, and their audience.



Bishop Barron also did an extended interview with Dave Rubin, an atheist, gay Jew. It’s on YouTube. I enjoyed it - there was respect and honesty on both sides. I highly recommend it.


Could you provide the link, please? I believe they’ve met up on video more than once.



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