Bishop Robert Barron Talks With Ben Shapiro

Just wanted to say that I stumbled upon this 2018 interview between Bishop Robert Barron and Ben Shapiro yesterday.

As many of you might know, whenever someone posts about Ben Shapiro I instantly discredit the thread/question and do not watch any videos of him given by the OP.

Just wanted to say, I decided to give him another chance on this interview with Bishop Robert Barron and I thought it was really cool seeing them discuss Catholicism and Judaism. Certainly don’t agree with Shapiro on a lot of things but perhaps I was too quick to judge his personal character as you can tell he is a very religious person here.


Yeah seems like a really cool bit.

I think Ben can be a bit full of himself at times, but I think he is sincere in a lot of ways.

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I believe this was the interview that was fairly controversial in Catholic circles.


What was controversial about it? That Bishop Barron said atheists can go to heaven?

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As I recall it, his comment about the Church being the “privileged way” of salvation were the source of the controversy.

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I’m a big Ben Shapiro fan. He stands on principle rather than blindly supporting people or policies. I think that some of the “Ben Shapiro destroys” videos have kind of given him an uncharitable image. I also get that some people just have different political views than I do and won’t like him for that reason but that’s alright I guess.

About this interview though, this was instrumental in bringing me into the faith. I was recently baptized in a non-denominational church but not fully committed to their theology. Actually its probably more accurate to say that I was openly skeptical and a little uncomfortable with it. I think within a week or two of this video Ben had uploaded an interview with John MacArthur. The contrast between the two interviews was so intense. Bishop Barron was charitable, humble and only as certain in his speech as he could be personally. John MacArthur on the other hand was not. The guy doesn’t even think that Catholics go to heaven. He’s pretty anti-American Revolution too which is something hard for me to get behind as an American servicemember. But yeah, within a few weeks I was attending Orthodox Divine Liturgy and Catholic Mass instead of my churches Sunday services.

Thank you so much for this post…I was unaware of this marvelous interview.
Two scintillating intellects having a mutually respectful discussion.

Always enjoy watching this interview and usually take away something I may know but have a renewed awareness of … good to be reminded of the depth of our faith …

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