Bishop Robert Morlino's Letter On The Clergy Sex Scandals

Finally a Catholic Bishop, Robert Morlino, speaks truth to power on the sexual sins committed by Catholic clergy. No mealy mouth response like the one recently by Cardinal Donald Wuerl that we have been hearing for the past 3 decades.


We already have a thread on this, so maybe you want to go discuss it there since we aren’t supposed to make duplicate threads.

How do I delete it?

I don’t think you have to delete it, since it’s now directing people to the existing thread, but you could try flagging the thread (in the thread options at bottom of the thread near the “tracking, normal” etc box) and writing a note to the mods saying “Please delete thread”.

It’s not absolutely necessary to delete it though IMHO

From my scrolling I didn’t see a thread on Bishop Morlino. Sure the topic is hot and will appear in all kinds of places but another on his excellent letter on it? Compare that to the dribble from the Cardinal Wuerl or any other U.S. Catholic Church leader for that matter.

I linked the thread in my post above. It’s a thread about Bishop Morlino’s letter, in the News section

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