Bishop’s Office Uses Obama Backer to Instruct Catholic Voting

Two different perceptions on what exactly occurred in these meetings.

Life News:

Catholic Diocese of Cleveland:

I was under the impression that the Church, being exempt from taxes under whatever tax law, can’t endorse a particular person for office. They can express the laws of the Church but must leave it up to the individual to figure out who they are talking about. Maybe that is just during Mass. Hopefully someone much more educated in this area will fill me in!!

Karen Leith should be let go. You can not have somebody instructing Catholics how to vote who supports a candidate who supports issues opposed to Catholic teaching: homosexual marriage, abortion, embronc stem cell research

I’m inclined to take the side of a Church diocese over some random news site. Just sayin

That is true. However Romney made millions off of abortion so I don’t see him as pro-life either. I don’t see what someone’s personal opinion is IF they are merely giving instructions on how to use the Catholic literature, voter guides, etc and then letting them read them and prayerfully make their decisions.

Romney had already left Bain Capital when Bain invested in Stericycles. I trust Romney on abortion much more so than Obama.

Lessee…The Bishops revived the D.O.A. healthcare bill as linked with immigration reform, with some critics saying it was to dump costs from illegal immigrants at Catholic hospitals on the government. So now we are surprised at some hardliners sticking to their candidate? Catholic Democrat ward heelers are a surprise to somebody? “It’s a mortal sin to vote Republican.” --Fr. Andrew Greeley

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