Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone takes a stand gee,no guys dressed like gals in a church !

The Archdiocese of San Francisco is denying reports that Archbishop-elect Cordilenone has banned drag queens or cross dressing at Most Holy Redeemer

Update at 2:41 p.m: Returning my call, archdiocese spokesperson George Wesolek told me the church did not ban cross-dressing, it simply closed its facilities to groups not affiliated with the church. The change took place about two months ago and it had nothing to do with the appointment of the new archbishop, who doesn’t take office until Oct. 4, Wesolek said. He added that many parishes have similar policies for many reasons.

Here’s our conversation, edited for brevity:

George Wesolek: One example is that sometimes an outside group will come in and perhaps do something of a political nature. That can be disadvantageous to us because we are not supposed to be doing any kind of political activity with candidates. We can with issues, but not with candidates. So that is a somewhat usual policy for parishes.

Laird Harrison: So there was no connection with the appointment of the new archbishop?

George Wesolek: I know for a fact there is no connection at all. I would be very surprised if the new archbishop knew anything about this.

Laird Harrison: Then why would Costello have attributed the change to the archdiocese?

George Wesolek: He’s new there and I’m not quite sure what he had meant about that. He may have talked to someone at the archdiocese – in the legal team for example – and he was talking about a way of instituting a policy or was trying to understand the policy because it was in place before he came.

The initial report of such a change seems to have originated with a weekly publication called the Bay Area Reporter. In an interview with that publication, the new pastor of Most Holy Redeemer mentioned a new parish policy and pointed to Archbishop Cordileone as the source.

A local gay recovery group will not be holding its annual fall fundraiser in the social hall of the Castro neighborhood’s Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church after officials said that no drag queens would be allowed.

Most Holy Redeemer’s new pastor, the Reverend Brian Costello, confirmed over telephone on Monday, August 6, that drag queen performers and emcees are no longer permitted to participate in events at the church.

Costello said that during a telephone conversation with a Castro Country Club representative, when the topic of drag queens came up, he told the person, “That is not going to work under the present circumstances.”

“I said work with me. You can still have the dinner. You can have a regular emcee, but not drag queens on church property,” Costello said.

It seems the directive is the result of several factors.

“I am the new pastor,” Costello added. “There is a new archbishop. The archdiocese told me straight out, ‘No drag queens.’”

I dunno… the two accounts do not jibe. Fr. Costello says that outside groups are welcome to host functions at MHR, but no drag queens. The archdiocese says that no outside groups are allowed to host functions at MHR and that drag queens aren’t their concern. Fr. Costello says the change is due to the new archbishop, and the archdiocese says it has nothing to do with Archbishop-elect Cordileone.

thanks dale for clearing some things up,but as you said other things don’t jibe:confused:.

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