Bishop says Russian Orthodox are spreading Ukraine 'misinformation'

The Russian Orthodox Church is helping to spread propaganda about the crisis in Ukraine, a Ukrainian Catholic bishop in Britain has said to Catholic Herald.


Unfortunately the RO has always been attached to the government. First the monarchy ,now the Russian Putin government. It is very nationalistic -the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia. Western RO -not so much.

It’s time for another round of ‘naughty, naughty ROC on CAF’. Nationalism has never been an issue in our Church of course, cough, cough.

The Russian Orthodox Church attaches herself to the Lord Jesus! I would say the Russian Orthodox are more attached to the Lord Jesus in Russia than in any other Orthodox Church. It is too bad that too many Catholics tend to treat the Orthodox as nationalists rather than as Christians the same as they are. In fact you can say that every Eastern Catholic Church united to Rome is nationalistic as well if you check the names of these Churches. We are all united to Jesus if we are Christians. The fact that we belong to a certain nation gives us a nationality as well as a citizenship to Heaven.

Never said that. .

No one in this thread denied that nationalism has been an issue for Catholics. That being said, the sins of Catholics don’t justify the sins of the Russian Orthodox. Unfortunately, some Catholic bishops have done heinous, horrible things throughout history. Whether ROC bishops are guilty of the crimes the UGCC has charged them with, I cannot say, but either the ROC hierarchy is wrong or the UGCC hierarchy is…both can’t be right…the reality is Catholic bishops are charging the ROC with heinous crimes and the ROC is charging the UGCC with heinous crimes. It is very unfortunate situation, but we should be able to discuss it charitably and factually without offending one another.

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