Bishop Schneider - No Reason To Doubt Pope Francis Covered Up Abuse


“Bishop Schneider has made a bombshell statement, saying that there is no reason to doubt the claims of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.”

This is a most grave bombshell revelation. If this is indeed true, then Pope Francis should either resign or be removed from office. Let us not forget he removed the sanctions against Cardinal McCarrick, put in place by Pope Benedict XVI.

I fear the Church is headed for a crisis far worse than what struck back in 2002. May God help us…


Consider the source. Lifesitenews have been hostile to Pope Francis for a very long time… they would be overjoyed if he would resign. :disappointed_relieved:


why is the Auxiliary Bishop of a city in Kazakhstan always in the media here?:roll_eyes:


That’s a mighty big leap. The truth, which we should all seek with charity, may not be so dramatic, so black and white. Have faith and be not afraid.


Because he’s the one that says what LSN is looking for a bishop to say.


They seem to have virtually unlimited access to him and Cardinal Burke.


I don’t know about anyone else but it feels like there is definitely an element of the Church that has the perception that the Holy Father is more liberal on certain issues (many have been discussed here) and thus there is resentment to his leadership.

I really wonder if some of these leaks comes from those sources and they’re designed to get him either to step down or be removed.

I will pray for our Church through these times.


Pretty gross that the Aux Bishop decided go public on this… Especially considering that there is no evidence other than the word of disgruntled Bishop Vignano. Pretty gross display by Schneider

Lifesite “News” should be avoided… their vitriol is not christian.


Looks like what’s happening today has authenticated the vision of Pope Leo XIII. In my lifetime, I haven’t seen it this bad with the church. We’re talking about Cardinals and the Pope himself! This is not a simple Parish priest misconduct scenario. For those in denial, wake up and see the gravity of this situation!


Completely disagree. Maybe he needs to bare his soul before he departs this world. I know I would in his position if it’s true.


Take a breath. First, it has been much worse in various times in the church. Judas couldn’t destroy the Church. Arius couldn’t destroy the Church. Popes Benedict IX, John XII and Alexander the VI (google them) couldn’t destroy the Church, Martin Luther couldn’t destroy the Church. It isn’t about bad people, not even bad Popes. Its about truth and God’s Church will prevail. Periodically the Church needs a good cleansing.

“The Catholic Church is an institution I am bound to hold divine - but for unbelievers a proof of its divinity might be found in the fact that no merely human institution conducted with such knavish imbecility would have lasted a fortnight.”

Hilaire Belloc


When one remembers how the Catholic Church has been governed, and by whom, one realizes that it must have been divinely inspired to have survived at all.

Hilaire Belloc



I would encourage people to think about what this story did and did not say. I think I read the entire article, but it was short and said it was “still developing.” So maybe I missed something that had some substance.
However, if all it said was there is “no reason to doubt,” that means absolutely nothing. It was just a bishop piling on. It offered not a single word of any sort of evidence or corroboration. Clearly LSN had an agenda and they used this comment to promote it. Stick with articles that provide concrete facts. Even Vigano’s letter was full of invective and baseless conclusions. (“It is unthinkable that the Pope wasn’t informed…” Also says nothing.)
I am not judging who is telling the truth and who isn’t. I’m just saying that there is a lot of “fake news” bouncing around and this particular story was the “fakest.”


“No reason to doubt” is a bizarre formulation. There’s also no reason to believe. Also, everyone seems to be missing that at no point does Vigano say Francis was aware of what McCarrick had done. That’s absolutely crucial.


Let’s hope in our current situation that our Church leadership recognizes what kind of impact this is having on lay Catholics especially parish Priests! I’m afraid many will leave the Church if no action is taken. Look at the Papal audience in Ireland. Very telling for sure on the state of the Church. Thank you for responding Deacon Jeff.


Frankly, cover up was the method most if not all Bishops used. They believed these priest could be cured and they wanted to avoid scandal. I don’t think there is a replacement if the standard is did you turn these guys in to law enforcement when you first learned of the abuse.


I’m right here. Come and get me…


There is a line being drawn in the sand. Prudence and patience will determine which is the side of Jesus. Jumping the gun and participating in the trial by media may well land one on the wrong side, but if you all are so certain, by all means, choose your path.


Calumny. Shame on you.


There’s literally no reason to believe that Pope Francis is gay, but, even if he’s a totally celibate gay man–so what?

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