Bishop Schneider to Pope Francis: For the Sake of Your Soul, Retract Approval of Same-Sex Civil Unions


I didn’t think anyone was qualified to judge the state of another’s soul - let alone the Pope’s.


Based on the little experience on these forums that I have, I am sure this opinion will be very unpopular to many.

I respectfully, and intensely, disagree with the Bishop’s approach. A public (global) denunciation of the Pope like this strikes me as imprudent and indecent and contrary to the mind of the Church. He could have written to the Pope. Besides which, the Pope already knows Bishop’s Schneider’s belief. That this and similar addresses by other persons is addressed to the Pope is a pretense for publication, and the assertion of one’s own will in the public sphere.

I can vouch that the Bishops’ words of grave criticism of the Pope, accusing him of being in mortal danger, causes as much scandal as anything else. For many there is nothing attractive about entering into a divided house. There is so much disunity and disobedience in the Church today. The Lord said,

“that they may all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us, that the world may believe that you sent me”


I don’t understand why the pope won’t clarify his statement? I have read that others have for him, but it isn’t the same and it is causing division


Because it is not unclear?

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bingo… I know this will be a bit provocative, but the word ‘clarify’ is often used these days to express disagreement; meaning I disagree with what you said, so could you say it in a way that I agree with.


So you’re saying the Pope has clearly supported same-sex civil-unions?

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The Pope said clearly and unequivocally that states should adopt civil union laws for same sex couples, yes. It was not unclear, or cryptic. Nor was it really a surprise, that is the same position he took as a Cardinal.


I certainly hope you’re wrong. I don’t disagree that it seems clear enough, though. People are asking for clarity because they are hoping it just isn’t true, that the Holy Father didn’t mean it in the way it was presented, etc. They’re trying to give the Holy Father the benefit of the doubt. And I don’t deny that that is difficult at this point.


Why does he need the benefit of any doubt? It is a perfectly reasonable position for him to take. BTW, the Cardinals that voted him to be Pope obviously knew this was his view - it was very well known and public. So it seems the majority of Cardinals were not troubled by it, either.


And there we will have to agree to disagree, and strongly at that.


OK, that’s fine. As I said, the Pope and the majority of the College of Cardinals find it reasonable, but obviously everyone has a right to disagree.

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The church doesn’t, the difference needs to be reconciled. There is a need for clarification. Is he changing the position of the church?


Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong considers Bishop Schneider to be a “radical Catholic reactionary.”





Pass some over to me, @StudentMI!


As do I…

As for the topic of calling for laws to protect same sex couples, whether you agree or disagree, please know that the Pope did not endorse so-called gay marriage or homosexual acts at all…

I honestly don’t understand what the big to do is…


The big to do is a Catholic Pope possibly (again, trying to give the benefit of the doubt here) supporting civil-unions for same-sex couples.


Supporting laws that protect people in SS civil unions doesn’t seem like a scandal to many.

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And to many it does. And thus the big to do.

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