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As many of you know the Episcopal Church ,a Church I love , has been suffering a significant disruption due to issues of human sexuality

Our Presiding Bishop appeared on Bill Moyers Journal -how do you feel her explanations hold up

A worthwhile 20 minutes of your time:

Bishop Katharine Schori has been in the news a lot lately it seems. There was a discussion here about some of her statements not long ago:

Diversity, not Jesus, saves says Presiding Bishop

This is the kind of stuff I have a really hard time understanding. I get wanting to reevaluate norms of morality in light of new information, and coming to the conclusion that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with homosexuality. I get it, but I don’t agree with it. I can understand how a person within a framework of genuine Christianity could reassess such a thing.

But what I really don’t get is making a statement such as the one you linked to. Such as this renders Jesus entirely unnecessary, so what of the Gospel at all? Why even be a Christian (let alone an Episcopalian)? By what authority even can you conclude that women should be priests and gays should be able to marry members of their own sex if you throw away the Baby Jesus with the Holy Bathwater, which serves as the very foundation upon which you’ve come to the former two conclusions?

It makes no sense whatsoever to me.

Schori’s instincts are correct - in that the Gospel of the Lord is for all people.

Where she’s failed from a Lutheran standpoint is that rather than increase the message of the Gospel to draw people closer in relationship to God, she’s diminished the Law and two of it’s reasons - that the Law makes us understand our sin and drives us to the Gospel, and that the Law is a measure for how we respond to the Gospel.

This bring up the second problem with Schori’s theology. Now that’s she abandoned the Law, she needs to find a man made law to function in it’s place. Otherwise the Church would be no more than a social club. Rather than re-evaluate her mistake, she substitutes a new man-made lad - carbon credits, measures of superficial diversity and political correctness are used to replace the Law given to us by God.

Never forget, the Episcopalians had a Bishop, one Bishop Spong, who publicly doubted the divinity of Christ and was never censured or otherwise disciplined for it!

Indeed, and may there not be another like him! But, lest some people fail to see logs in eyes, we should remember that many different churches have had bishops who have by their words or actions denied Christ…

I think the point is that he was never censured or disciplined for his comments. No faith tradition should be measured by individuals who do not live up to that faith, but the Church has an obligation to the faithful to correct a wayward bishop and refute anything erroneous that he may have said.

Oh, I completely agree. But the Church, even though she continues to preach the Faith in every age, always fails to keep things completely in order. Wheat and tares; we just can’t help it!

****Never forget, the Episcopalians had a Bishop, one Bishop Spong, who publicly doubted the divinity of Christ and was never censured or otherwise disciplined for it! **

Actually he was forced to retire as the Bishop of Newark - but I agree the Episcopal Church can have a trial of a Bishop for Heresy -when push came to shove the Church did not follow thru on him - He is still around =he spoke in St. Petersburg Florida last week

By the way do not forget Bishop Pike from the 50’s also we have Matthew Fox ( a former Dominican )

Bishop Schori is a significant weakling in my view- she was very much a Junior Bishop when she was elected Presiding Bishop–She has hurt the Church -:cool:

Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori is quite articulate and compelling in discourse, especially homilies. BTW the primate of the Episcopal church was raised Catholic before her family became Episcopalian and Eastern Orthodox. I’ve noticed the election of bishops who are either female or gay are scholarly and quite talented preachers. Presiding bishop Elisabeth Eaton [ELCA] and a new bishop in California who is gay, are very accomplished [professor] yet humble Synodical leaders.

Technically, she is the Presiding Bishop. TEC does not have a primate. But she’s working on it.


It’s no surprise that she is making all kinds of Satanic and evil statements, considering her, ahem, disqualifications for the job. The Holy Spirit has clearly ceased to guide the Episcopal Church. I can only pray He will save the Anglican Communion as a whole.

That is so offensive :confused:

Can the Archbishop of Canterbury do anything about her? They should install someone in line with orthodox teaching.

No. The Archbishop of Canterbury has no authority over any aspect of any of the Churches which comprise the official Anglican Communion. They are all autocephalous.


Yep. The Arch. of Canterbury has no authority over the Episcopal Church in the United States.

Presiding Bishop Schori was elected by a majority of the bishops of the Episcopal Church. That election was confirmed by a majority of lay and clerical deputies. So, she was chosen by a majority of the bishops and elected representatives of the Episcopal Church.

So, it’s not like there is a big push to get rid of her.

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