Bishop: Science proves embryo is human life

Sao Paulo, Jun. 09 (FIDES/ - "It is contradictory that after all the progress made by science and psychology politicians have the nerve to claim that for the first 15 days of life the embryo is not yet a human person.” Bishop Odilo Pedro Scherer, the secretary general of the Brazilian bishops’ conference, made that statement to the Fides news service, in light of discussions on embryonic research.

Bishop Scherer, an auxiliary of the Sao Paulo archdiocese, took note of the imminent referendum on in vitro fertilization techniques in Italy, and the Brazilian parliament’s approval of embryonic research. He pointed out that both scientific and anthropological evidence show that “human life starts at the moment of fertilization.”

The bishop added that “if the embryo is not a human being from the first instant, it can never become one.” Therefore “the production of embryos for freezing and storing cannot fail to raise serious ethical and anthropological questions including heterologous IVF,” and “no one-- and certainly not Christians-- can support legal measures which fail to respect human dignity and allow the human person to be used and manipulated.”


Maybe their definition of human “life” does not include a soul.
Maybe they don’t believe a human has a soul. Maybe these politicians don’t even believe in God.

What do they think happens on day 16 to change their opinion? What would they say if the embryo had to be 20 days old before certain “stem cells” were valuable? Bet their time frame would change.

Certainly these politicians would agree that abortion after 15 days is the taking of a “life”; even by their definition.

These people are ridiculous…

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