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Please forgive me if this seems a silly question. I am new to the journey, and there is still so very much I do not know. Thank you for bearing with me!

I feel a very close connection to Bishop Fulton Sheen, and in a way, he is responsible for lighting my path to the Church. I know that the cause for his beatification and canonization officially opened in Rome in April of this year, but as of yet he is not a saint.

This is what I’d like to know: is it wrong for me to ask Bishop Sheen to intercede on my behalf if he is not yet a saint?

Many thanks for your help, friends.



I think it’s OK privately (because he is part of the communion of saints, which includes those on earth, in heaven, and in purgatory, and we can ask any of those to pray for us), but not publicly until the Church has made a formal decree.


Only if you are asking him to intercede on behalf of the Red Sox :rolleyes:

God bless


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Thank you so much for helping to clarify this question for me! :slight_smile:



Archbishop Sheen is recognized by the Church as a Servant of God and, as you mentioned, is being considered for Beatification and subsequent Canonization.

The Church normally requires one miracle to have taken place through the intercession of the person to be beatified. To be canonized, a second miracle would be required. Since these miracles are “through the intercession” of the person being considered, it is implied that one could pray to request such intercession.

I hope this helps.



Yes, it does help, and thank you very much! :slight_smile:



Hi Stella. It’s ok to pray for Archbishop Sheen’s intercession, sure! This is how God brings about the miracles necessary, for eventual canonization of a saint.

I love Archbishop Sheen, too. He is part of my “committee” of 33 saints, to whom I pray each day. And I love watching “Life is Worth Living” on EWTN. Archbishop Sheen, “Santo Subito”.

God bless!


Hi Stella,

You are quite on track by asking for Bishop Sheen’s intercession, because some miracles have to happen as part of the sainthood process And this cannot happen without the person’s intercession in prayers.

Remain blessed.



In our cable package in Canada, we don’t get EWTN, but instead Salt and Light Television–kind of a Canadian version of EWTN. Salt and Light plays “Life is Worth Living” at 3am almost every day…yay!..but I sure wish it was a little earlier!

Then again, sometimes when I can’t sleep for worrying it’s so very nice to just turn on the TV and be able to watch Bishop Sheen. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your reply!


Thank you so much for your answer! I feel very relieved and happy that I can keep right on chatting poor Bishop Sheen’s ear off! :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Bless you!


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