"Bishop" TD Jakes

I’m curious as to how TD Jakes has the title of “Bishop”. How can he be a Bishop, if the church he is pastor at is one he started himself? Who gave him this title? himself? Or is there some sort of test out there that one takes to become a “Bishop”?

I am not sure about Bishop T.D Jakes, but there is a church in my city that everyone is a “pastor” or “brother” and the head person goes by the title “Bishop,” of course all of these titles are self given.


Is he one of those tele evangalists? I love those guys. They’re all Ph.D’s too - ever noticed that? :D:D:D

What I CANNOT understand is how people buy into their self delusion and heresy.

I watched a guy the other night and the absolute horse dung he was spouting was unreal, and yet he had 30 000 people eating from his hand.


Bolded by me…

That’s what I figured. “Pastor” or “brother” doesn’t bother me as much as “Bishop”. I know the term “brother” does not have the same meaning in non-Catholic churches as it does in the Catholic. :shrug::slight_smile:

I was just curious how one in non-denom, or independent church get’s the title.

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Funny you should mention that…there is a non-denom church here in Tampa that the Pastor literally brought a sack of horse manure on “stage” I believe it was to represent the sin that we carry around…but since I was not in attendance myself I am only hearing this second hand.

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this is something my Catholic pastor and I joke about. I for a time attended a pentacostal church and almost everyone there ws “pastor.” I always thought who gave you that title what did you do to earn it, did you go to smeinary or sme sort of Bible College I doubt it. The first time I saw “Bishop” Jakes I thought it was a Catholic show oh what a shock I was in for. I was at a Catholic ordination to the transitional diaconate recently and the contrast is so profound, it was just so obvious the man had truly worked hard for his vocation and his newly aquired title or Rev. Mr.

Here’s a link to answer.com. Hope this helps.


Typically someone presiding over the church is considered Bishop / Overseer. In this case Jakes probably views himself this way and assumed the title of Bishop.

I got one better than that. There is another “Word of Faith” preacher that recently anointed himself an Apostle of Christ. They are calling him “the Apostle” now. Shame, shame…Frederick K Price.

I used to watch his show as practice to catch how he twisted scripture, but it just got so ridiculous I couldn’t stand it anymore - thinking about all those duped people.

The movie ‘Woman Thou are Loosed’ is excellent…its by “Bishop” TD Jakes.

Bishop/ἐπίσκοπος is literally “overseer.” Depending on the New Testament passage, sometimes bishop and presbyter/elder/priest/πρεσβυτερος are used interchangeably.

Thank you for that definition. What’s to keep more pastor’s of independent churches from calling themselves Bishop? Or how about Pope for that matter? They are the overseer of their churches afterall. Maybe not Pope, b/c that’s Catholic? I don’t know, I was curious how he received the title…

thanks again

The lay people were called Pastor? That’s seems odd to me.:shrug:

Thanks you for the link. It helped

I’ve always been impressed by Bishop Jakes. His ministry has helped many people and
in his sermons he talks about himself and his own sins so I don’t feel “preached” at and
I sense some anger against him from some in this thread and I can’t figure that one out!

When we all role with the knowledge that we follow “the one true way” then the nail that sticks up more then others get the first blow from the hammer. Every thread that coments on any single ministry and/or denomintion follows the same basic path.

Isnit his single church the same population of Christians that many Bishops are resposible for with their subordinant Pastors, Priest, Ministers or Reverends? And many other lower level WoF pastors consider Bishop Jakes as their pastor and spiritual mentor.

They are a dime a dozen. Not to derail my own thread, but since this was brought up, I watched something yesterday (was only able to stomach about 10 minutes of it btw). This is also the first I’ve heard of this version. It was some show on about the end times, etc. & what was said was that it’s a “possibility” that we will know when the end times are here when we see the aliens coming…:eek: The host & his wife said that they have conversations about what it would be like to walk out your door & see spaceships in the sky. :eek::rotfl:

I guess human clones were discussed earlier as a “possibility” too. :juggle:

And of course they were ripping biblical verses out to give as “proof” of the possibilities…

Im surprised that he has called him “Archbishop” yet.

I have no anger towards him at all. I was curious how one gets the title of Bishop.

The man has done wonderful things for those less fortunate.

That sounds like Jack Van Impe. Bishop Jakes does an entirely different sort of ministry.

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