Bishop Thomas Paprocki in video about labor unions



Well reasoned. Good job, Bishop Paprocki!


So long as my Union continues to serve the employees and negotiate good contracts, I’m 100% behind my Union.


God bless this good bishop for being courageous and charitable.

I just do not agree with unions. Bullying can go both ways. Not all employers are abusive, and unions can also be abusive, if not on the most part.

If you do not like the job, resign. For example, I may have complaints about my current job. But the thing is, no one is forcing me to work there. I have the option of resigning, and having the reason of staying because cannot find another is still insufficient. At any rate, i have some discomfort with my current job, but I am very grateful to have one.


Maybe you need a Union? The last time my employer did a workforce reduction, they fired all the non Union employees. The Union saved many people from unemployment. It’s also the only reason I have good healthcare and competitive wages.

Unions aren’t perfect and neither are employers. There’s nothing wrong with locking horns with management and getting a good deal. It’s a game of give and take.


I trust that the bishop will now address the duties and obligations of the employers to themselves , their workers , and to society at large .

Regarding trades unions Pope Benedict in Caritas In Veritate taught , " The repeated calls issued within the Church’s social doctrine, beginning with Rerum Novarum , for the promotion of workers’ associations that can defend their rights must therefore be honoured today even more than in the past, as a prompt and far-sighted response to the urgent need for new forms of cooperation at the international level, as well as the local level."


Replacing corporate greed with union greed is not an advancement.


I think your position is extremely fair. I have no issues with people freely banding together to form private sector unions, and having those unions represent their best interests. (key words: “freely” and “private sector”)


Public sector unions are very problemsome to me, particularly when they are involved in partisan politics.

Either the union supports the governor and provides support to the governor’s political campaigns- or they number among the governor’s political adversaries.

In the first case, why would the workers even need a union? They have governor who is presumably pro-worker and will do them right without a union’s advocacy.

In the 2nd case, why would the government pay the union any respect whatsoever. After all, they got in without the union’s assistance, the union can offer them nothing.


Public sector unions can get their candidate in, who then holds the union’s desires above fairly representing the taxpayer. This is one of the reasons Illinois or Detroit or a number of other state or municipalities are in a financial mess.


Of course nothing wrong with unions. Also nothing wrong with not wanting to join a union or leave one that is actively supporting politicians that lay waste to the life teachings of Jesus. If some want to ignore that fine but if others do not want to be a part of that then they should not be forced to support.


A pro-union governor is unlikely to be keen on adopting new technologies and processes designed to decrease the number of dues paying members.


“You see … when everyone other store on the block is paying the Don protection money and you aren’t, that makes you a free rider.”


Every time I hear of something from Bishop Paprocki, I’m surprised the Springfield diocese has anyone left. He seems very good at doing the opposite of what’s most needed.


What do you disagree with about the bishop’s statement here?



Illinois was, in part, the result of endless punting of its pension plan (which must be funded per the state Constitution) obligations for its public sector employees; not exactly union friendly. The other was a multi-year fight between the Democratic Speaker of the House and the Republican Governor in which no one would back down from a budget stalemate. The result was the state would have been in a better financial had one given in or at least compromised. Both need to go.


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