Bishop under pressure over abuse

A Catholic bishop criticised for not investigating an allegation of child sex abuse says that in response to calls for his resignation he will be a guided by the priests and people of his diocese.

As pressure mounted Bishop of Limerick Donal Murray to step down, he said his greatest regret was if any of his actions contributed to the suffering of a child.

The shocking Murphy Report on child sex abuse found the bishop handled a number of complaints badly and described his failure to investigate one allegation as inexcusable.

I am afraid that the sin of child molester priests is not only a thing of the Americas. The church is working, slowly, to address this unfortunate scourge that has lasted for many, many years.

The American Bishops, much to their surprise, has learned that it is not homosexuals, but maladjusted, immature perverts that have been allowed to become ordained. I say it is a surprise to the Bishops because their very own study tried to scapegoat homosexuals, as prescribed by the Vatican, but it did not. No where on the USCCB website will it tell you this.

It’s a pervert problem, not a homosexual problem.



Homosexual sex… equals same sex?
Perverted sex…equals among others ] sex with children?

If it’s a Priest in the Catholic Church…equals a male?
If it’s done to a little boy by a Priest…equals Homosexual?

Soooo…it’s homosexual perverted sex

I don’t get it.

Be glad.

How about adding the term predator to your mix here? Not all homosexuals are preying on children and are in a position of authority over them.

I really hope you can elaborate on your post in a sensical way.

It’s a pervert problem, not a homosexual problem.

I’m saying these are crimes of Homosexual perverts. Both homosexual AND perverted.

I hope this helps

Very good. It is estimated that 30-50% of our clergy are homosexual. All, with few exceptions, are celibate, holy people.

It does not. How do you explain the priests who raped/molested little girls?

Still don’t get it.

That was almost non existent by far most of the victims were young boys …


Perverted sex…equals ** among others **] sex with children?

emphasis mine

I think a predator would be covered.

I hope this helps

I personally met a few very holy priests that have served over 50 years with no allegations against them.

I would be** very surprised **if allegations ever would surface regarding these men, but realize it is a possibility. However slim.

I am not one to jump on a bandwagon of painting with a broad brush. I realize there are many men that have lived very honorable giving, loving lives that will be totally ignored in later years (unless they are cannonized later)

But, I met some I think are these things. And, I hate it that they are ignored in this.


I am sure some of our saints may well have been gay…If they were they were celibate

and holy men and women, who wanted to serve God and carried their cross in a holy manner

Those that you state ** Didn’t commit these crimes**

Okay, but the vast majority of those priests that left the priesthood due to abuse allegations either got married or went to jail. Most were heterosexually orientated with immature ideas about sexuality. They thought, themselves, to be adolescent boys. They were strange “love affairs.” See the below explanation.

Most straight adolescent boys have crunches on, and due to testosterone & availability, act on those affections physically. Further, the last Encyclical by The Pope acknowledged this in describing “transient” homosexuality of youth being not a bar to ordination. The Pope understands the real world, I think, more than people think on this matter.

Tell women that were abused that they were almost non existant.

I understand that from a statistical standpoint there were more boys at risk for this. Of course, the way the church was structured then, when the incidents were happening you are talking about here the altar boys were good targets. Years later, you now have altar girls. :shrug:
Nothing was learned then, or now it seems.

Many gay people marry…I have no idea what the statistics is on these priests at all…As far as I am concerned they should be in the slammer

I think that some people might experiment…that doesn’t mean they are necessarily gay…I think they need to be chaste to enter the seminary…That means celibate for a long period of time

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