Bishops, Baptists Urge US Government to Protect Conscience Rights

22-June-2013 – News Agency

Health Care Mandates Soon to Go Into Effect

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 21, 2013 ( - Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, and Russell D. Moore, Ph.D., president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, hailed the introduction of S. 1204 by Senators Tom Coburn and Deb Fischer and urged U.S. Senators to support passage of the Health Care Conscience Rights Act. S. 1204 is identical to H.R. 940 in the House of Representatives.

In a letter dated today, Archbishop Lori and Moore, as leaders of the religious liberty efforts of the two largest religious denominations in the United States, asked legislators to support the Health Care Conscience Rights Act. They noted that “many people are being forced-and many others will soon be forced-to either follow what the government compels or suffer for their faith… [N]ow is the time to pass legislation that protects our God-given freedom.”

The legislation would extend the longstanding federal policy on conscience to the new coverage mandates for private health plans created by the Affordable Care Act so that Americans are not forced to violate their fundamental moral and religious convictions in order to offer, sponsor, or purchase health coverage. The legislation also clarifies current nondiscrimination laws to improve protection of individuals and institutions that decline involvement in abortion, allowing the victims of discrimination to vindicate their rights in court.

“The Health Care Conscience Rights Act would address … serious problems in ways consistent with our federal government’s long history of bipartisan consensus on respect for rights of conscience,” the letter said. “While Catholics and Southern Baptists espouse different theological views, we are united by the belief that Congress must act to help preserve our freedom of religion and conscience.”

Archbishop Lori, in welcoming the introduction of S. 1204, said: “I applaud Senators Deb Fischer and Tom Coburn for introducing the Health Care Rights of Conscience Act. The right to live out our faith in the public square - in our churches, our schools, and our places of employment - is too important not to defend. I hope other Senators will join them in supporting these common-sense protections.”

And all of these threats to our religious liberty were made possible because more than half of Catholics in America voted for Obama. :frowning:


woa hang on hoss, not this Catholic;

The Revolution is on, it just has not picked up arms , yet.

Yeah, yeah yeah…

Urging the Government to do the right thing is really, really, really…uhhhhhhh…nice. :rolleyes:
A two by four works* so* much better. We are talking about the Government, right?
Nothing less will do it.

Let’s all chant! Law Suits! Law Suits! Law Suits!

Let’s form an ACLU of our own! All Christian** L**iberties Union.

Less Yak. More act!

Let us not kid ourselves here. Our very existence as Catholics is at stake here.

Well, this Catholic doesn’t like 2x4s or violence … but you’re right, Catholics need to act. I wish I knew HOW.

There is no mention in my diocese’s newspaper this weekend about the USCCB-led Fortnight for Freedom. Nothing at all about conscience rights / religious liberty / impending SCOTUS decisions on marriage / HHS mandate / etc.

No mention during the homily, no mention during announcements, no mention in the parish bulletin.

So - MY bishop and other clergy are not leading us to action. The issue, let alone our need to fight the government for what is right, is not even on the radar screen for most Catholics in the U.S.

So, yes, some of us are praying. Lord, hear our prayers. But what else can we DO?

June 21st to July 4th
“We must stand up for religious freedom”

well you are informed about the Fortnight-for freedom, my diocese is taking part in it, you could start by contacting the office of your bishop and asking for information about what is going on in your diocese in regards to the fortnight-for-freedom and why you have not heard any mention of it in your parish.

other than praying we are left to using the gifts the Good Lord has given us, along with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, to hopefully resolve the problem through peace, before an ultimatum is drawn and then eventually it will boil down to people doing what they feel they have to do, be it in the form of civil disobedience or other forms which are necessary to preserve freedom on any level in this country of ours. At one point our founding fathers felt force was the only option available and remaining, we haven’t come to that point yet, but it is always on the table.

Just be prepared either way for the government to declare themselves acting in faith when they have never demonstrated it prior and are true Americans only acting in the best interest of the nation, their actions are always louder than their words.

Exactly! Where are the Catholic leaders to speak out against all of this? I don’t hear much about it here. I feel so frustrated.

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