Bishops, Coronavirus, and Liberty

Refrigerator trucks are being used for the storage of bodies in New York City, hospitals in Italy were overwhelmed, countries are closing their borders - an action unprecedented in modern times - and essential medical equipment is in desperate demand. Yet, despite all of this, Life Site News’ attitude seems to be a combination of “Crisis? What crisis?” and “it’s not our problem”. Much like us, our rights do not exist in isolation from others nor are they absolute; there are times when it is necessary for a right to be curtailed in order to serve a greater good including, in particular, the well being of others. So it would be both legally and morally wrong to insist on the right to liberty of movement and association with others in a time of pandemic since to do so would risk spreading the contagion and make it harder to trace and isolate those infected. Striping (or more correctly, impeding) fundamental rights isn’t a “pretext” but a necessity, while the idea of a desire to create some sort of one world government is simply laughable tin-hat stuff.

Sadly, some people clearly have too much time on their hands and are desirous of attention through articles like this - ling on rhetoric short on accuracy. Church and civic leader alike are trying their best in extraordinarily difficult circumstances, making daily decisions which will inevitably cause considerable hardship regardless of the choice that’s made, and able to choose only the lesser evil. Those of us on the ground too are struggling to manage parish finances and exercise pastoral ministry by distance. Petitions like this are simply ivory tower stuff, blissfully ignorant of the harsh realities in the real world.


I have to wonder how many of the religious signatories actually knew what they were putting their name to. Most seem to be very elderly and from lots of different countries. How can a couple of Cardinals really think that they can speak for Catholicism around the world? I think they need to do some spiritual retreat work.

I think that Poe’s Law is applicable here. Who’d be a satirist today…

Thank you Father. A popular blogger priest has been using the terms “planned-demic” and “covid1984”. I find this kind of sentiment from clergy alarming.

My own Archbishop has and will continue to suspend public Masses, but has encouraged priests to safely hear confessions and has live streamed beautiful Masses from the cathedral each Sunday.

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To be fair to the blogger priest, the jury is still out on exactly how the coronavirus started. The 1984 reference too is not limited strictly to this virus; many bloggers have spoken and referred to a ‘1984’ type society for years now, comparing for example how 40 years ago the world would not have dreamed of gay ‘marriage’ or how the whole use of the word ‘gay’ had been changed.

Rather than throw stones at priests (does it bother you more that he has a more conservative political view or that he’s popular?), be more concerned with the plank. If you’ve read the blog in question you will note that the priest also does exactly what your archbishop has encouraged his priests to do—live streaming Mass, etc.

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From the petition:

“This means taking a stand: either with Christ or against Christ.”

False dichotomy.

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I’m 90 percent in agreement with you. But the fact that a few minimize or deny the reality of the virus, and spin conspiracy theories, doesn’t prove there isn’t a grain of truth here.

In NY State the governor gets 90 minutes tv time 4 days a week. He talks about “never waste a crisis”. He not only demands extreme degree of power in this crisis but keeps the need for more government permanently to prepare for all kinds of crises in the future.

The media is carrying censorship to an extreme degree - very selectively.
I supported the bishops closing public Mass when they did, but am troubled that government has in exceptional cases cracked down for instance taking license numbers at a drive in service. exceptions have a way of becoming the rule.

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I didn’t intend to throw a stone… but you’re right, we should be very wary of judging priests and I apologize for that… but I personally still find the views being expressed alarming.

Thank you for the hard work that you do every day to minister during this crisis! It can’t be easy when so many things we’ve taken for granted have been turned upside down!


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