Bishop's firing makes Pope's priorities clear

And not to forget Cardinal Bernard Law, orchestrator of the Boston clergy abuse cover-up. His punishment? An extended Roman holiday and a healthy pension. Meanwhile, Morris gets the door.

Sorry I’m a little late to the ball here. Of course this editorial is deeply flawed, but what about the part I quoted above? What does a faithful Catholic say about that?
Thank you.

PS, I’m not sure whether an editorial counts as news, so mods please feel free to move the thread.

More drivel from the National Catholic Reporter designed to invoke anger toward the institution and sympathy for the dissidents.

I agree, but the other question still stands: Why was Cardinal Law appointed Archpriest of St. Mary Major, while Bishop Morris just gets the boot?
I’m questioning the former rather than the latter…

Cardinal Law was repentant and punished.

Bishop Morris was unrepentant and punished differently.

The article praises the dismissed bishop’s “apostolic” authority, yet does not condemn the bishop’s call to undermine that very authority by breaking apostolic succession. Its a clear case that the dismissed bishop basically threatened the foundation of the sacramental church.

Woman’s ordination is a non-starter. Pope John Paul II made this clear. Pope Benedict made this clear. To bring it up is a clear sign of insubordination, and the incident dealt with immediately.

The sex-abuse scandals, as terrible as they may be, are more complicated to handle appropriately, and thus take longer to judiciate. Handling a simple administrative problem quickly does not in anyway suggest such a matter takes a greater priority than protecting our children.



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