Bishops gather to discuss nuclear disarmament [CWN]

Bishops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and France gathered recently in London for a colloquium on nuclear proliferation and disarmament.Among the 40 …


What’s the point? The U.S., the U.K. and France are not the countries most expected to start the nuclear war with each other… :rolleyes:

Nuclear weapons have prevented a third world war. Disarmament would be immoral.

Certainly consideration ought to be given to the possibility that eliminating nuclear weapons from the arsenal of all nations would make war more likely. I would call that more of a direct consequence than a possibility. Eliminate nukes; cause more wars.

Whats stopping anyone from creating the next big weapon of mass destruction though, Im sure since nuclear bombs were created, they have played around with much more powerful ways to destroy.

The last I heard, one ‘byproduct’ of the CERN experiments was some kind of material, ‘strangelet/quirk’ that the scientists claim have 10,000 times the energy potential of a nuke, and in just one tiny drop of the stuff!! Whose to say someone will not find a way to weaponize it or something like it in the next 100 yrs or so?

This interests me greatly. While I wish the Bishops success, I have read too many scenarios, not just about nuclear weapons, but proliferation. Most public literature describes in a general way, how a nuclear weapon might be made, however, it involves relatively rare and sophisticated equipment, and experts in several fields.

1949 The Soviet Union detonates its first atomic bomb.

1952 The British test their first atomic bomb.

1964 China tested its first atomic bomb.

The Korean War started in 1950, with the Russians and Chinese heavily involved.

The Vietnam War begins in earnest in 1964. The US had been involved in various operations in Indo-China since September 1945.

Starting immediately after World War, but not announced until 1946, an “iron curtain” descended over the Soviet Union. They had captured a lot of German equipment and personnel. The great fear was that the Russians might sweep West to grab the rest of continental Europe and threaten Great Britain. The other, that they would complete an atomic bomb.

With so little information coming out, spy flights by the Americans and British began. They could not afford to be caught off guard. Aircraft were repainted and various types were used. Some were shot down. The goal during the Korean War period was to create a higher flying aircraft that would be immune, at least for a while, from Soviet anti-aircraft and fighter jets. The U-2 was followed by other aircraft, moving on to the SR-71. The United States and Canada were ringed with radar stations/aircraft on land, air and on sea, and the technology kept accelerating to meet the expected next threat, an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile.

1957 The USSR launches Sputnik I. Until then, Soviet bombers were expected to cross over the North Pole, proceed over relatively unpopulated Canada, and drop their payloads.

1959 ICBMS became a reality and are deployed by both sides.

Estimates about how many bombers and how many missiles the Russians had required more information. Eventually, spy satellites began to supplement high-flying aircraft.

1960 First successful recovery of film package from Corona spy satellite.

Human nature being what it is, I hope to God the Bishops find a way.


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