Bishops of the Catholic Church


Lord Jesus Christ, You choose the men whom take the office of Bishop and You lavish upon the Shephards of the Flock those graces which are necessary for them to faithfully do their roles of teaching, governing, and sanctifying.

O Good Shephard, teach the Bishops of Your Church how to be meek and humble of heart, ready to go after lost sheep and carry them back to the flock upon their shoulders, and guard your little ones from the wolves which prowl throughout the world.

O Lamb of God, teach the Bishops of Your Church how to spend themselves for others - including their enemies, give them the courage, patience, and strength to carry the Cross for You to Calvary, and fill their hearts with a longing to live and die for You.

O Good Pasture, teach the Bishops of Your Church how to live on the Eucharist and the Word, imitate God, Who is Love and Mercy Itself, and keep their gaze on Heaven and their feet on the ground.


Father, in Jesus’ name please powerfully grant this prayer. Let Your Spirit fill and direct them in all things


Praying this beautiful prayer.


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