Bishops on Trump re Immigration - Abortion


Whats more important to you: Savings millions of unborn babies throughout the world, or having every foreign person come to the United States that wants to live here.
You judge!

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  Bishops Losing Their Moral Authority With Trump Rhetoric
  Image: Bishops Losing Their Moral Authority With Trump Rhetoric
  Archbishop of Chicago Blase J. Cupich on November 19, 2016, in Vatican City,                       
    By Deal W. Hudson
  Monday, 06 Feb 2017 10:44 AMMore Posts by Deal W. Hudson

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During the 2016 election, I watched with disbelief, as all but a few Catholic bishops said nothing — in complicit silence — as Hillary Clinton, aggressively pro-abortion, ran for president. All the bishops did was attack Donald Trump on immigration and his promise to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Catholic voters repudiated the bishops’ view of the election, voting 52 to 45 percent for Trump-Pence. As an election issue, immigration was “trumped” by national security, ISIS terrorism, jobs, NAFTA, abortion, religious liberty, but most of all, by patriotism. Most Catholic voters had finally had enough of Obama’s America-bashing, and saw Hillary as continuing to blame America for the world’s ills.

There was no group of leaders more shocked by the election outcome than the U.S. bishops and their primary supporters on the Catholic left, including Catholic colleges and universities, most women and men’s religious orders, liberal Catholic media, Catholic Democrats in Congress, and Soros-funded groups such as Catholics In Alliance With the Common Good.

But post-election, it appears the Catholic bishops have taken no lesson from the election results. They have virtually ignored the fact that President Trump wasted no time in keeping his pro-life promises: re-affirming the Mexico City Policy, banning the use of federal funds for abortions overseas, nominating an ostensibly pro-life judge for the open SCOTUS seat, and encouraging Congress to bring a bill defunding Planned Parenthood to his desk for signing.

Instead, the bishops continue bashing Trump, now POTUS, over immigration. As prominent theologian and journalist Thomas Williams wrote a few days ago about Chicago Cardinal Blaise Cupich:

“Saying this is a ‘dark moment in U.S. history’ . . . undermines the moral authority of the episcopate that should know better than to issue careless statements of the sort. Catholics, and indeed all citizens, deserve better.”

Cardinal Cupich, along with San Diego Bishop, Robert McElroy, have emerged as the leaders of the Catholic Left among the bishops. It was Bishop McElroy who took the pains to point out how Catholic voters would be justified to ignore Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion stance. Those who focus on “intrinsic evil,” he wrote are “simplistic” and “misleading.”

At the time, I missed the irony that McElroy’s column was published only days after the canonization of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Given that St. Mother Teresa is considered by Americans the “most admired person” of the 20th century, Bishop McElroy’s attempt to scoff at pro-lifers not only failed but has also contributed to the bishop’s loss of moral authority.

When bishops as popular as Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia and Cardinal Dolan of New York City continue to pound on President Trump about immigration, ignoring his pro-life achievements, just as in the election, the bishops will be the loser.

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The silence on President Trumps pro-life activities is deafening


The Bishops would have a whole lot more moral authority if Catholic Charities hadn’t received 1.6 billion dollars worth of US federal government contract dollars. Google Christian Charities and refugee resettlement. If you paid me that type of money, I would be a cheerleader for immigration, open borders, resettlement efforts and all sorts of agendas. As far as I am concerned, moral authority has been squandered. I might as well listen to a media pundit. And the silence on abortion is deafening.


Right you are. Your post is an opinion.

Your post had no link so I have no idea where your news article ended and you began. It was confusing.


The Bishops (those who feel so motivated to speak and write) are telling us more about themselves than about the new President.



Unfortunately, I have not agreed on many of the Bishops “statements” in recent months. I am praying very hard for them though as I am sure they are attacked daily by the “dark side” :frowning:


In the original post, it mentioned the bishops will be the “losers”. Everyone does know that they are not elected and the Catholic Church is a not a democracy, right?


Maybe, just maybe, it is possible to be pro-life and pro-immigration both. Maybe, just maybe good Catholics should try allowing their shepherds to help form them spiritually instead of taking political sides.

. . . nah, nevermind, what was I thinking?


St Thomas speaks from centuries ago about an issue that impacts us today.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?
By John Horvat II




I think federal money is also the reason Catholic universities aren’t Catholic anymore. Regarding immigration one thing is certain, Catholic Charities couldn’t afford to do what they now do without the federal government’s money.


Apparently that’s true. But one also is sometimes put to wonder the degree to which it’s actually useful. I was certainly disturbed to find that some refugee groups in my area were taken over by a Catholic group, but the funding was wholly inadequate to really integrate the refugees. But they did it anyway. I was informed by a well-respected Catholic charities leader that it takes years for some refugees to be integrated into this society, and services for all of those years.

Church organizations, including Catholic ones, often take on these groups of refugees without really having the means of dealing with them, and sometimes they get dumped on the public because of it.

And a fair number of these Catholic charitable institutions are more secular than Catholic. Some are just garden-variety social services providers, not necessarily having a Catholic mission, not necessarily having Catholic personnel, and most definitely not emphasizing services to Catholic refugees or immigrants.

To the extent formerly Catholic institutions have gone secular, I wonder whether they should even exist.

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