Bishops Pedigree!


I have read that every Bishop has a “pedigree” That is a Bishop can trace his eclesiastical geneology back to the Apostles.

If this is true then every Priest also has an elesiastical geneology.

Does anyone have a comment in this subject?


Try this site for the pedigrees of bishops:


Don’t know that I much care for the use of the term “pedigree,” as if one were referencing show dogs or race horses.

It also has nothing to do with physical ancestry; it concerns Apostolic Succession, which is rather important in the matter of successors to the Apostles.

I find it comforting that such care is taken about this matter. Some denominations appoint people to an office desiganted as “bishop” with very little care indeed. At the moment, in the US, there is a woman in Utah, who holds such an office, who has never received Christian baptism (Mormon “baptism” only). Care cannot result in perfection, but a lack of care can certainly guarantee rampant imperfection.

Yet another benefit that goes with being a Catholic.




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