Bit of a dilemma

Hi Everyone,
I missed the ash wednesday mass this morning :frowning:

And the only masses available to go to tonight is at 7pm.
I cant find a parish that has a 6pm mass…
The problem is, im doing a course tonight for St Vinnies (help homeless people etc) and it begins at 7pm.
Will God forgive me if I miss the ash wednesday mass.
Please pray for me making the decision to go to this course.
I cant really do it any other time and i especially took the night off work to go to it.
Please help

Today is Tuesday. Ash Wednesday is tomorrow. It is not a Holy Day of Obligation so you have committed no sin.

You can still make it tomorrow if you want to .

My guess is that this person lives overseas where it is already tomorrow…

sorry, OP, i don’t have any advice for you.


Ash Wednesday is not a Holy Day of Obligation as far as I am aware. Just a day of Fast and Abstainence, although, obviously, it is a good day to try and get to Mass.

Don’t worry about it. There’s nothing to forgive.

Thanks for your input…
And its Wednesday where i am, in Australia.
I thought it was a day of obligation, thats why i panicked…

G’Day Mate!
Sorry about the mix up. Sorry if you were unable to make it to Mass. God knows our heart and wants tho.

Hey, its no probs mate!!
Have a good one!
Ill put a shrimp on the barbie for ya cobber!!

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