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we have had a hammy for 2 months now and despite following handling advice it has become more aggressive instead of tamer. We tried to take it back but the pet shop will not rehome him. He can no longer tolerate anything moving and will come out of his tunnel to attack you if you are sorting a different part of his cage. He even attacks his water bottle when it has been refilled. He is, however, completely healthy so we don’t want him put down but we aren’t sure what to do with him. Any hamster experts out there?




perhaps let it roam the great outdoors…and forget to let him back in…or perhaps pass it on to someone that you really dont like:)


laugh out loud


i am sorry …i know that was not much help…but they are viable options;)


we were going to leave it at the door of the petshop but they have our address cos the vet is there too and we are regulars with the dog. I like that idea about folk i don’t like tho …now let me think…who?


what’s a toe tag?


here ya go…a link to what it is…



if you cant think of someone let me know I know a few people I could pass a biting hamster along to…:smiley:

can you also not open the backdoor to your house or the front door and let it go play in traffic?:wink:


wow - you really believe or , even , know about that stuff? I just worship God the way I know best. I don’t speak greek so I make do with English. BTW I’d prefer to speak Scots but it is SOOO discouraged ( or at least it was when I grew up) so im not great at it. never mind , I’ll haud me heart up tae the Lord


Get a wire or glass cage with no places to crawl into. Only put cardboard “homes” in its cage…such as the end of a cerial box…you can dispose those easily. Then get it lots of hampster stuff to eat, those wood pieces…and especally salt licks.

Also, “fence” off an area or use a baby pool (the two ring inflatable ones are great…and only $1-5) and let him get accoustomed to being handled. Animals can feel fear, ecept when the creature is smaller than us, we tend to “not understand”…but if you’ve ever been afraid of horses and walked into a barn…you KNOW that animals can sence fear.


I could but my 11yr old daughter is worried it will get a cold!



oh silly girl…make the darling hamster a coat and send it on its way:D


Maybe he senses that your child actually wanted a puppy but got stuck with him instead so he’s feeling a sense of rejection that he hasn’t learned to channel properly so it comes across as rage? Poor thing. I think this situation calls for some understanding. I’d let him bite you.



last time he bit me he wouldn’t let go - i wanted to introduce him to a bigger set of teeth - our dog’s. She would have enjoyed that!


yes, I think if we can’t rehome him, we’ll get him a new cage. I think hed burst anything inflatable though. He is totally spoiled so i don’t get why he doesn’t like us. I thought Syrians were supposed to be quite friendly.


Hmmm, so you have an “attack hamster”. Does this hamster happen to be one of those tiny “dwarf” hamsters? Dwarf hamsters tend to be pretty mean.

Personally, if I couldn’t get the hamster to stop biting, I would just stop trying to handle it. Feed it, give it water, and use heavy gloves when transferring it to another container when cleaning its cage.


Oh, and don’t forget to buy one of these signs:


my sister used to have hampsters which she insisted on taking to bed with her like tiny teddy bears, they inevitably smothered, or worse escaped to a short brutal life in the hot air registers. Grandkids had a hampster, then a kitten, who used to follow the hampster around in its excercise ball, there is a way to tap the ball so it opens. Now they only have one pet.

a daddy hampster who acts aggressive is looking for a mommy hampster so they can go forth and multiply

a mommy hampster who acts aggressive is usually protecting babies.

all I remember from the years we had hampsters is you can’t tell by looking which is which, and pet stores have a nasty habit of selling pregnant hampsters (no doubt donated by people like OP)


Two words:

Cat Food

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