Bizarre reactions to conversion?


I was talking to a friend of mine today who asked, “What’s up with you? You haven’t been acting like yourself for a while now, you’re not getting religion are you?” When I told him I am converting his reaction was, “Catholic, oh no! NO, NO, NO, You can be anything else, but not Catholic!” We discussed it for a bit and I thought it was okay but the last thing he said to me was, "We’re going to talk about this later, I can’t let it go like this."
Has anyone else had a REALLY strange reaction to their conversion?


Well… yes in fact.

My parents think I’m nuts, and people at the Church sometimes treat me like I’m a saint.

It’s the latter I dislike more, mostly because sometimes I catch myself believing them. :frowning:

That, and I was condemned to hell by a few fundamentalist friends of mine; I’m sure glad they aren’t God.


I expected anger from fundamentalist relatives. This guy is a big ol’ unbeliever. I guess I’ll find out later what’s ‘so bad’ about Catholicism. :confused:


yes sadly some people react this way :frowning: I don’t know what to do in these situations…I just pray and try to stay strong in my faith anyway.


I’ve found many people have misconceptions about Catholicism, and there are many lies going around. :frowning:


Hold your ground, and know that you’re on the right path. Just tell him there’s nothing to “talk about” - that you’ve made up your mind. He probably doesn’t like the fact that we’re under the Pope, revere Mary, believe in intercession, etc. It’s probably the same old objections to commonly misunderstood doctrines. But I guess you’ll find out soon enough, lol. I’ve had people tell me that I’m not “saved” and that I’m going to hell for praying to false gods (i.e. asking saints to intercede for me). These reactions are often based on what they think the Church believes - not what we actually do believe. :rolleyes:


Actually that is a VERY common reaction from non-Catholics. Why? Because most have no idea what Catholicism is, but they do know what they were taught Catholicism is. In most cases the two are very different and incompatible.

I suggest going to EWTN’s website and downloading past “The Journey Home” episodes. You’ll hear that exact reaction from other Catholic converts on their way home to the Catholic faith.

God Bless you on your journey,


A really bad thing…he was acting so wierd when he he was saying all this that I started laughing, then I had to assure him that no, I wasn’t joking or lying to him.:o


I converted to the catholic church four years ago. My family almost disowned me. Persectution will follow everytime you do God’s will. God is with us . Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and the time of our death-amen:D


My best friend of nearly 10 years had a huge fight / blow out with me after she found out and she is now not speaking to me. Others - friends and colleagues of mine who are not Catholic - think I’m a bit crazy and one even suggested therapy. From my experience and those written here I think it must be pretty common. Lately I’ve been taking it as an opportunity to correct people regarding their misconceptions of the Catholic Church. As others have stated, that’s where most of the negative reactions seem to stem from.


“kim” How sad. Please pray for your friend. There are many people in the world, who hate the Catholic Church. Why? Well… either they are ignorant of what the Church teaches. Or, they DO understand what the Church teaches… but She makes them feel guilty about continuing on with their sinful activities. So they victimize the Church, by spreading lies and hateful venom to the world.

How? By bashing the Church. Bashing Her children (faithful Catholics). And bashing all that the Church teaches and proclaims. One of our priests related a recent experience he had. He was leaving the rectory in the evening, on a sick call. As he pulled his car out of the Church lot… a young man was passing by on foot. The man saw Father… and spewed hateful anger toward him… " CATHOLICS!". :frowning: Father responded with a very gentle… “God bless you, my son”. The poor misguided young man, continued on down the street… cursing. :nope:

Dear soul, these “persecutions” have been ongoing, since the very beginning. They will likely continue, until Our Lord Jesus returns to us. But we have the assurance of His promise…

“And I say to thee, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

We need to pray for all who persecute us. God bless you.


Conversation continuation.
Apparently “the Catholics” have already changed me…I got up and twisted my hair back in a bun, too lazy to fix my hair some might say, not so! in the world according to D it is a “Catholic hair bun.” (creepy music plays: Little did I know how subtle yet pervasive the Catholic influence could be.):rolleyes:
I don’t think I’m ever going to find out what his particular problem with Catholicism is, I thought this was really funny but everything else was ridiculous and unrepeatable.I’ve probably lost a friend today but I’m ambivalent about it.

My God I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love You.
I beg pardon of You for those who do not believe,
do not adore, do not hope, and do not love You.


“kim” The one Friend we do not want to lose, is Jesus… Our Lord. :console: All other “friends” are merely creatures. God bless you for your strong faith. You will be in my prayers.

Are you in RCIA yet?


Classes officially start the 1st week in October! :smiley:


I’ve had some people “remind” me of the priest sex abuse scandals. I’ve been “warned” not to get caught up with all of the “man-made rituals”. When I’ve praised the Holy Father on his stand against abortion and same-sex ‘marriages’ (though this person has the same viewpoints on those issues), I was chastised for listening to Benedict XVI. When someone has found out that I go to a Catholic Church… “well at least you’re going somewhere.” I have been tempted to, when I’ve been asked where I go to church, to tell people I don’t… I just dance naked in the woods around a big bonfire on Saturday nights drinking chicken and cow blood. :o;)

What’s even more interesting is when people find out that I’m discerning a vocation. My non-Christian, atheist and agnostic friends are usually much more accepting than those who are Fundamentalist/Evangelical. The common reaction among the former group is “If it is going to fufill you and make you happy, then go for it!” The common reaction I get from the latter is what I’d expect to get if I said I was going to join a cult. :frowning: :mad: :confused: Although, to be fair, I have had some “cult” comments from a couple of agnostics, and have been very encouraged to follow God’s will (even if it is to join a convent) from a Fundamentalist/Evangelical.



I’ve had some good friends stop talking to me after they found out about my conversion…

but yes, Jesus is our ‘bestest’ Friend :slight_smile:


great post… I totally agree!! and what a wonderful priest :slight_smile:


Catholic hair bun. LOL!! :smiley:

that is wonderful!! :slight_smile:

I’ve had some similar experiences!!


Oh yeah!

I had one friend who really disliked it. He is very down on it and derogatory. He thinks all sorts of negative things. Has tried to talk me over to his way.

The devil likes to go into overtime when people have the truth. Its the ones who are converting to the WRONG faith that he does not have to worry so much about.


This is the “accusation” which angers me, the most. Because it has been overly exaggerated and “hyped” up by the media. The result has been a hostile backlash on the Church, and our priests… in particular. :frowning:

From reading and research, viewing on EWTN and other sources… I’ve discovered that the percentage of abuse among Catholic clergy is miniscule (very small)… compared to abuse in other areas of society. Of course, if even ONE priest or other Catholic clergy has abused a child… it is too much. :sad_yes: But why isn’t the media giving EQUAL coverage to the problem of child abuse, where it is MORE rampant?

The following report from the Catholic League… puts the problem in the proper perspective…

“DT” God bless you, as you discern your possible vocation. You are in my prayers, dear soul.


I recently told my parents that I would be starting RCIA soon after 38 years in the Presbyterian Church USA. My mother’s reaction was very negative. I know many who come from very conservative denominations often face deeply negative reactions from family and friends (e.g., saying things like “you’re going to hell”). Those of us coming from the far left also experience negativity, though usually it doesn’t take that form. For me, I have been labeled “bigoted” and “intolerant” (two favorite words of the left) for wanting to join the Catholic church. Some people look at the Church exclusively through the lens of social justice issues and ignore the underlying theology and doctrine. It’s okay, though, we’re all here because the Holy Spirit wants it that way. Stay the course.

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