Bk. Newman, Modernism and Pope Pius X

I have a personal devotion to Bl John Henry Newman (being a convert like him joined the Church 2015). Im bothered by accusations by a certain Prot pastor DT King and a Cath Group holy family monestary. Both claim that his devt of Christian Doctrine is heretical, and that PP Pius X’s letter clearing Newman isnt binding which makes Newman a heretic, and Pp Emer Benedict XVI wrong in Beatifying him

Am really bothered pls help

Just compare the sides. On one side you have “a certain Prot pastor DT King” that is, um, a Protestant, as you say. What business does he has to tell us who is a heretic and who is not, which Papal writings are binding and which are not? Then you have “holy family monestary” which is not a Catholic group, as they are sedevacantists - see, let’s say, forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=2089 or catholic.com/magazine/print-edition/unintentional-ecumenism for more details. So, they also have no business telling anyone who is a heretic.

And on the other side you have listed two Popes. Isn’t it just obvious that this is the side you have to take seriously, and the other one can be ignored?

A Protestant and some sedevacantist group vs. 2 Popes when it comes to a beatification is no contest.
Keep right on being devoted to Blessed John Newman. He’ll be a saint someday.

Please do not trust these people over Grandpapa Benedict, a holy, humble man who is a brilliant theologian and who has studied Blessed John Henry from his youth. Another brilliant and holy pope, Leo XIII also studied his works and had great admiration for him.

My dear patrons Father Newman, Father-Lord Ullathorne, and Father-Uncle St. John, please pray for the comfort of iceloveslitt.

Pope Leo, whose anniversary is today, please pray.

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