Bl. Mother Teresa on same-sex marriage and women priests

I recently encountered the view that Mother Teresa was a proponent of women priests, and - though I am mostly expecting to find it to be a poorly misunderstood quotation - got curious about it. I have not been able to find the origin of the idea, but wanted to ask here if she ever made any direct reference to the subject.

Also, while it would surely be all over the Internet if she had spoken in support of gay marriage, I would also appreciate any statements on that topic.

Her views on abortion are very conservative, and I expect to find the same in these two cases, but I have not yet been able to find a reference.

Thanks to any who replies.

Hi Contrabass,

I cant say I have ever heard of MT advocating female clergy, but you never know. However, I do think that contemporary advocates of female clergy - as well as the usual Church critics - would have definitely made sure we ALL knew about it, if it was a genuine claim. If such an important, devout and well known Catholic held unconventional views regarding Catholicism, surely it would be common knowledge?

She and her legacy have, unfortunately, often been the target of mud-slinging polemicists (eg Christopher Hitchins) who have besmirched her memory (calling her a fraud etc) to make money/fame from those who like hearing bad things about religion, and specifically Catholicism. Maybe this view has been falsely attributed her to court controversy? But this is purely speculation on my part.

I would be pretty confident that she did not have any view of “gay marriage”. That issue has only really risen its head in the last decade - post millenium. E.g. in Britain, civil partnerships for gay people were introduced in 2005, and they are currently pushing for religious “gay marriage” to be permitted. MT died in 1997, when all this still seemed like pie in the sky and was not even discussed.

For both points, remember that she was obviously a devout and traditional Catholic and so through that alone it is unlikely she would have had any unconventional views on such matters.

So, I think whoever said these things is kidding you, or bending the truth, but do let us know if you find out anything.


This is based on - you guessed it - a misquote.

What she actually said in 1984, when asked about female priests was:
"Nobody can be a better priest than Our Lady, and she remained only the handmaiden of the Lord."
The interviewer, a Hindu quoted her as saying “Our ladies” instead of “Our Lady” (Mary) and thus the false rumor began. **

She sent out a few disclaimers about what he had written and stated that she was loyal to what the Pope said against female ordination but the press like the lie more than the truth.
She was opposed to female priests her entire life.

This is ridiculous!

“We live in an age when lies and falsehood can spread across the globe before truth has had a chance to strap it’s boots on.” – Hank Hanegraff

I seriously doubt if any of these assertions are true, considering she is in the process of beatification.

From what i can gather Mother Teresa most likely was okay with homsexuality so she was probibly also okay same sex marriages .when some reporters asked Mother Teresa about the homosexuals in Calcutta, she said she didn’t like the word ‘homosexuals’ and went on to insist that they use the term ‘friends of Jesus’ instead.

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