Black and white dilemma: High School to hold segregated reunion

As sad story and especially so that this could happen in 2012.

Not surprising in the least. People make excuses to hold on to their prejudices: no space, comfort, tradition…whatever works.

Let’s give them some credit. This was the first year that the reunion was to be integrated. That’s good, right? All of the events,** except one**, are still integrated; the reunion itself is integrated. One of the after parties had already been planned before the decision to integrate was made. They decided to keep that party on the flyer.

It’s a huge improvement over prior years. They are moving in a positive direction. The timing wasn’t perfect and the communication had some glitches but you have to admit that this reunion is better than all of the ones from 1973 to now where all events were segregated. Or not, if it doesn’t fit the agenda. :shrug:

I wonder how the Pastor and his flock will feel when they discover Jesus was not white!

I agree some people want to kill progress by damning it because it’s not “progressing fast enough” I’d rather there be 1 step taken forward than none at all because it’s not 2 steps. It’s a huge improvement and we should be celebrating not groveling.

Credit for desegregating after almost 40 years? I’m the type of person who gives credit where credit is due, but if segregation is still an issue for people after all these decades, sorry they get as much credit as the teen who finally passes kindergarten after playing hooky all his schooldays.

And my only agenda, involves defining the standards of common decency.

C’mon seekerz, is this how you act in real life? If you were a priest, would you deny a righteous man credit because he was sinful the first 40 years of his life?

Yeah it’s a shame it went on for 40 years but let’s be glad they are starting to turn in the right direction, rather than being all curmudgeon about it.

Happily for my would-be flock, I’m not a priest. :wink:

If a person turns from sin after 40 yrs that’s a great thing, but hardly the topic of this thread. Unless you are going to discuss the spiritual implications of racial segregation - which was not my intent.

I just don’t see it as fitting in with the projected image that we now live in a color-blind society. That’s the aspect I’m viewing it from: what it says about the word we live in.

…And yes, I am like this in real life :smiley: - I have high expectations of people and it disappoints me, not that we’re all imperfect, but that we so easily gloss over certain selected imperfections. And BTW, that goes for both sides of the racial divide.

What pastor? Did I miss something?

He was mentioned towards the end of the article, but has no connection to the high school reunion or even to the town where it is being held.

[quote=All Voices article] According to Pastor William J. Collier, his Church of God’s Chosen was planning on holding a “white only” Christian conference in Alabama.

“We don’t have the facilities to accommodate other people. We haven’t got any invitations to black, Muslim events. Of course we are not invited to Jewish events and stuff,” Collier said in way of explanation.

However the pastor is a white supremacist and considers such views to be an important part of his religious faith. The conference, held two months ago, was reportedly festooned with symbols of the Ku Klux Klan, Confederate flags and white supremacy slogans. It seems to have been affiliated with the Christian Identity movement.

How absolutly bizarre! I’m surprised anyone would be willing to go to such an event.

I hope you were just being sarcastic!
Jesus was Jewish. Since when are the Jews not of the Caucasian (white) race? Like most Mid-Easterners, Jesus was most likely tanned, but he still was White…and there is nothing in the New Testament that says otherwise!

There is no “white” race; so, you are probably correct that Jesus was not white. Jesus was probably a Caucasian.

The term Caucasian race (also Caucasoid, Europid, or Europoid) has been used to denote the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia (the Middle East), parts of Central Asia and South Asia. Historically, the term has been used to describe many peoples from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone.

Included in the reference are eight pictures of Caucasians. Look at them and see if any resemble what Jesus might have looked like.

But at least they’re LESS racist right. . . :slight_smile:

Give me a break.

Some would hold to this tradition of the “good ole’ days”.

You know when Christians bash public schools?

I find it hilarious that my public high school was integrated since its inception (which was before 1900!!!) while this nominally “Christian” school was still segregated over 70 years later in 1973! LOL

Um…I could be wrong, but I believe that St Martinville High School is a public school, not a “Christian” school.

I don’t think there is a pastor and flock involved here. Louisiana is split up into “parishes,” but that is what they call their counties. The seat of St Martin parish is St Martinville, and St Martinville High School is your typical public school (in the US use of the term “public school”), so it is not attached to any religion.

Ah, my apologies then!

I got confused between St. Martinville being the name of the school, and what with the racist Pastor being discussed in the article. It is nevertheless a shame, though, that there exist racist “Christian” Pastors.

Here’s one of his statements:

“We are not breaking any laws, we are not violating any ordinances, we are bringing the word of God to people who want it … who are part of the chosen race,”

Ew. Just… ew.

Yeah…he doesn’t sound like someone I’d be interested in knowing.

There are probably reasons why this makes better sense than it does to me.

If schools were once segregated in this town, why did blacks and whites go to the same high school? Or did they? Was there perhaps some kind of separate segment of the school for whites and another for blacks? Did these people even go to the same school, back in the day?

And one has to wonder why the reunion has been segregated all these years. Whose idea was that? What did the blacks think about it?

I suspect there’s more to this story.

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